Brett Andrews

The man:

The owner and manager of the club On The Edge, Brett Andrews never imagined he would fall in love with not one but two vampires, Lisa and Leo. Now, he couldn’t imagine his life without them.

The body:

  • Brett’s eyes were green, light, always full of life.
  • But the third one was attractive, with light honey hair, green eyes and a pretty smile–so much like Brett that she couldn’t pretend, this time, that it was a coincidence.
  • He bent down to kiss her lightly before looking at me with gorgeous green eyes. He was about my height, dressed in dark pants and a blue dress shirt. He had loosened the tie at his neck and unbuttoned his collar. She was right, he was handsome.
  • Leo knew from personal experience that Beth liked the kind of muscled body Brett barely hid beneath a too tight shirt.

His words:

  • “Brett Andrews. I’m the owner and manager of The Edge. My partner and I have been waiting for you for a while. Very pleased to have you here.”
  • “Thank her for me. For bringing you into my life.”
  • “I’ve been thinking for a long time about how I could ever show you how grateful I am for having you two in my life. How much I love you.”
  • “It’s rare that I say no, and it never occurred to me to ask to watch. It’s one thing to know he is with someone else, someone other than Lisa, I mean, but to actually see it… I thought I’d be too jealous to watch. They convinced me to try. They can be very convincing.”

Known partners:

Books in which he appears:
(* denotes a main character; ** denotes an important secondary character)

  • On The Edge *
  • Over The Edge *
  • Walking The Edge *
  • Fifth Vision of Destiny *
  • Out of the Box 6
  • Living Out of the Box **
  • All Visions of Destiny
  • Five Valentines *

Flash fiction from Brett’s point of view:

And now it’s up to you: which book featuring Brett is your favorite? What do you like about him – or what don’t you like? Is there some episode from his past – or future – you would like to see in a new book or flash fiction piece?

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