Leo Balkins

The man:

When he returned to Haventown after decades spent traveling, Leo hoped to find a job as a bartender and reconnect with Lisa, with whom he had learned what it meant to be a vampire. He did get the job, the girl… and a new lover, too!

The body:

  • Brett half turned toward him and found that his eyes were lingering over the taut abs and that thin trail of dark hair disappearing past the low-riding waist of his pants.
  • Leo was exactly the same as she remembered, dark hair cut short, darker eyes piercing her as though he could read her thoughts, strong hands at her waist, rippling muscles under her fingers.

His words:

  • “If I have to play nice to be here, I can play nice. I want to play nice.”
  • “If I knew anything about any of this, I guess I wouldn’t have lied in the first place. I’m trying to learn this trust thing, but it’s not easy.”
  • “Mostly, I’m stuck on ‘blow gorgeous boyfriend.’ Maybe once I’ve gotten past that, I’ll be able to think more clearly.”

Known partners:

Books in which he appears:
(* denotes a main character; ** denotes an important secondary character)

  • On The Edge *
  • Over The Edge *
  • Walking The Edge *
  • Fifth Vision of Destiny *
  • Out of the Box 2
  • Out of the Box 5
  • Out of the Box 6 **
  • Out of the Box 7 **
  • Out of the Box 10
  • Living Out of the Box **
  • Forever Starts Now
  • Five Valentines *

Flash fiction from Leo’s point of view:

And now it’s up to you: which book featuring Leo is your favorite? What do you like about him – or what don’t you like? Is there some episode from his past – or future – you would like to see in a new book or flash fiction piece?

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