Lisa Shetfield

The woman:

Once she was called Beth, now she goes by Lisa, but one thing remains true: this vampire knows exactly what and whom she wants, and she will get it!

The body:

  • Even barefoot, she was as tall as most men, and the curves squeezed into her skin-tight bustier dress were all feminine. She had to have just taken a shower because her short blonde hair was still a little damp.


  • “Did you like the show? No, don’t tell me. I know you did. You could have joined in, you know.”
  • “I guess it was too much to hope that one of you would remember how much I hate waking up alone.”
  • “I know you. I know Leo. And I know myself. You two can give each other what I can’t give either of you.”

Known partners:

Books in which she appears:
(* denotes a main character; ** denotes an important secondary character)

  • On The Edge *
  • Over The Edge *
  • Walking The Edge *
  • Fifth Vision of Destiny *
  • Dancing
  • Out of the Box 6
  • Living Out of the Box **
  • Five Valentines *

Flash fiction pieces from Lisa’s point of view:

And now it’s up to you: which book featuring Brett is your favorite? What do you like about him – or what don’t you like? Is there some episode from his past – or future – you would like to see in a new book or flash fiction piece?

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