Excerpt from Forget Ever After

Lena would gladly have sat at the bar, surrounded by other partygoers, some of whom she vaguely recognized from having seen them on campus before. However, Tony led her to one of the private alcoves at the back of the room. Lena slipped into the booth, sliding to the very far end of it and reclining against the back cushion only to realize she would damage her wings if she did that. Annoyed, she sat closer to the table, leaning onto her elbows, which had the unfortunate effects of bringing her closer to Tony.

A waitress came and took their orders, then returned with tall glasses. Tony started talking, and Lena made the appropriate noises in all the right places. However, the entire time, she paid no real attention to where she was and what was going on around her. Her mind was back in her room, which she shouldn’t have left, and she was mentally reviewing the definitions she would be tested on the following Monday.

It was no wonder, with Lena being so distracted, that she didn’t see the man who slid inside the booth to sit opposite Tony. She only noticed him after her companion had fallen silent. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him staring intently at her, and for a second Lena told herself that she had to be hallucinating. There was no other explanation. Then the man reached toward her to brush the back of his knuckles against her cheek, and suddenly she could breathe again.

“Who do you think you are?” she heard, vaguely aware that the upset voice belonged to Tony. “You weren’t—”

“I’m Lena’s fiancé. And who would you be?”

Four words sufficed to erase seven months of pain, fear, and anxious waiting. Four words and Lena slid over the cushioned bench to be as close to Liam as she could and throw her arms around his neck. There would be time, later, for the questions that had haunted her for all these months. Time for answers too, she hoped. Right now, all that mattered was that Liam had returned.

… continued in Forget Ever After

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