Excerpt from On The Edge

She let go of his hand once they had stepped into the bedroom, and Leo watched her and Brett divest one another of the little bit of clothing that covered them before they knelt on the bed, facing each other. Lisa was as beautiful as ever, full curves, delicate skin and a lovely face. But to see her like this—her breasts become perfection, cradled in Brett’s hands, her lips appear fuller as she pressed them to her lover’s, her thin, long fingers close around Brett’s erection—all of it made her even more gorgeous. And it didn’t hurt that Brett was a fine-looking man himself.

His eyes never leaving them as they continued to kiss and caress, Leo got rid of his clothes. His hands trembled a little, and he popped a button of his shirt when it wouldn’t come undone. He certainly hadn’t been celibate ever since parting ways with Lisa, but she had been his first lover after he had become a vampire, his confidante as they both learned to use their fangs and sex-appeal on humans, his friend and maybe more, even if those words were rarely heard amongst their kind. The prospect of joining her—and Brett—was wrecking havoc on Leo’s self-control.

… continued in On the Edge


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