On The Edge

Cover for On the EdgeBrett Andrews thought he had it all.

His new club, On The Edge, catering to vampires and humans, is a smashing success, and the beautiful vampire Lisa is everything he could have dreamed of.

When an old lover of hers, Leo, shows up at the club, Brett’s immediate fear is that he will lose Lisa. But if he just stops thinking long enough to follow Lisa’s lead, he might gain a lover instead of losing one.

LENGTH – 9.200 words / about 30 PDF pages



RATING – Sizzling

NOTE – Preceded by Before The Edge. Followed by Over The Edge, Walking The Edge and Fifth Vision of Destiny

AUDIO – This story is also available as audiobook.

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3 Responses to 'On The Edge'

  1. Crystal says:

    I have never been to big on reading m/m romance…. but reading about Leo and Brett wasn’t to bad. It didn’t make me sick…. I guess what I am saying is that I have been reading your stories and so far I have read out of the box and On the Edge and enjoy the stories…. they are not boring or difficult to get into…. keep up the good work

  1. […] That throwaway sentence survived the edits and bugged me for a few months until I gave in and wrote On The Edge, the short story that told how the club’s owners – Brett and his vampire lover Lisa – first […]

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