Carte Blanche

cover for Carte BlancheWhen a lobbyist opposed to vampires’ rights is found drained of her blood, Special Enforcer Grace Alkins investigates the woman’s connection to a local BDSM club and its vampire customers. It has been a long time since Grace played on this particular scene, but old habits return easily when she puts on the attire of Mistress Red.

On her first undercover visit at the club, however, she finds herself tricked into playing a scene with Ray, a submissive whose Master left town abruptly. The Dominant in her enjoys the opportunity – while the Special Enforcer is shocked to realize Ray is a vampire, and possibly a suspect for the murder she investigates.

Will Grace manage to keep a cool head and find the killer when every new meeting with Ray cranks up the heat a little more?

LENGTH – 64.000 words / about 170 PDF pages

EXCERPT – read an excerpt or download Chapter 3


RATING – Sizzling

NOTE – Continued in the short stories Rules & Rewards, and Sunshine.

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>> Signey E. Scott at Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave the book a rating of 4/5
>> Hayley at Fallen Angel Reviews gave the book a rating of 5 angels, recommended read

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