Excerpt from Blurred Nights

The small bedroom door hadn’t finished closing behind them that Blake was pushing Marc against it, already tugging at his clothes. Marc started protesting at his roughness, but thought better of it. Two weeks had passed since Blake had decided that Marc was more interested in Kate than him. They had not slept apart for so long in quite a long time. As tired as he was, Marc certainly didn’t mind seeing an end to his forced celibacy.

Fumbling a little, he unzipped Blake’s jacket and pushed it off him before finding the edges of his t-shirt and tugging it over his head. Blake had gotten rid of Marc’s jacket and shirt already, leaving his chest bare, too. He leaned in close and trailed his mouth over Marc’s shoulder. A low, hungry growl rose from his chest. Later, Marc thought, weaving his fingers in Blake’s hair. Later, he would share blood with him, if Blake behaved himself. He tugged on the strands curled around his fingers, leading Blake down. To his surprise, Blake complied at once and licked a path over his collarbone and lower. He stopped over his left nipple, teasing it with blunt teeth until it was tight and hard. Sparks of pleasure shot through Marc’s body.

“Can I get a taste?” Blake murmured before flicking his tongue over his right nipple.

Forgetting his decision to make him wait, Marc hissed his approval. He closed his eyes and his body tensed in anticipation of the bite he knew would come. Except it didn’t. Blake continued to touch him with lips, tongue, and just a hint of blunt teeth, distracting him just enough that Marc didn’t pay much mind to the hand undoing his jeans buttons and tugging them down. When the same hand wrapped over his hardened cock, however, he started paying attention. Blake had asked for a taste; he hadn’t said what he wanted to taste. Even as he realized this, Blake knelt down and nuzzled his cock. He flicked his tongue along the length until Marc’s hips started bucking forward. Then, placing both hands on Marc’s hips, he held him in place as he closed his mouth over the tip of his cock. Marc moaned very low at the feel of tight lips moving over him, and again when a sneaky tongue slid against the very tip and along the slit to hunt down a bead of precome.

Shaking, he tried to push forward again. All of a sudden, Blake’s hands and lips were gone.

“Got my taste,” Blake said, standing again, laughter coloring his voice. “That’s all I wanted.”

Marc stared, too caught up in his lost pleasure to understand at first. When he did, he flashed a glare and his fangs at Blake.


He expected Blake to argue and be his usual annoying self; instead, he kicked off his shoes and scrambled out of his pants. He was on Marc’s bed, wearing nothing but an impish grin and a hard on, before Marc could add a word.

“Well?” he said, stroking his cock slowly. “You don’t need an invitation, do you?”

Marc started taking a step forward and almost tripped on his bunched up jeans.

Blake snickered. “Need help?”

… continued in Blurred Nights

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