Excerpt from Out of the Box 5

“So tell me, dear Virginia. Have you thought of what game you want to play tonight?” I pulled back to give him a coy little smile. Resting a hand on his chest, I raised myself up on my toes to reply in his ear. “I might have.”

“Can I get a hint?”

I pretended to think about it. “No, no hint. You’ll have to wait.”

He asked again while driving us to his home, but I still refused to answer. The truth was, I knew what I wanted to pull from his toy box, but I couldn’t bear to pronounce the words. I feel a little ridiculous admitting this, but I’ve never said them aloud. “If you’re old enough to do it, you’re old enough to say it,” the saying goes, but I feel like a blushing schoolgirl just thinking about it, even now. And I think I did blush when, kneeling in his bedroom by the wooden chest, I pulled out my chosen toys for the night. All five of them.

I carried them over to the bed, and lined them up next to each other. Anando had lit a candle on the nightstand while I made my choice, and the light reflected on the metal vibrator, making it gleam softly. It was maybe seven inches in length and less than one inch in diameter, with a gently tapered end. My roommate in college had had one very similar, which she sometimes forgot to hide in her nightstand. Next to it was the thickest of the toys, a dildo a little wider than Anando’s cock but shorter. Its black rubbery surface felt nice to the touch, and the many hard, raised dots gave it an intriguing texture. There was also a smooth glasslike dildo, maybe ten inches long, and a second vibrator, this one plastic and shaped like a large, thick cock down to the last vein. The last was a slimmer toy in a diamond shape, no thicker than two of my fingers at its widest point, with a flat base at one end.

Satisfied—nervous, excited—about my choice, I looked at Anando, standing next to me by the foot of the bed. His eyebrow twitched as he looked at the toys in front of us. For a moment, I thought he would laugh, but his voice was perfectly level when he said:

“Now you’ve got me wondering, Virginia. Are you trying to say there’s something…inadequate about my person?”

… continued in Out of the Box 5

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