Excerpt from Out of the Box 7

I did as he said, more aware now that I didn’t have the protection of the jacket anymore that I had never worn so little in public. It felt as though all eyes were on me.

“Good girl,” Anando murmured as though guessing I needed to be reassured. “Now go down to the dance floor. I want to see you dance in this dress.”

I almost started asking him if he would dance with me, and remembered at the last second that he hadn’t asked me a question. I managed, also, not to look around for him. I knew he had to be there, very close, and just seeing his eyes would have helped me go on, like his voice had. I breathed in deeply as I moved over to the staircase and started walking down to the lower level of the club. I kept repeating to myself that I needed to follow his voice, and that nothing else but his voice existed. The people around me, the eyes following my path, were of no consequence. My own desires were secondary. Anando would take care of them, and me.

“Doing very well, Virginia,” he praised me when I reached the dance floor. “Very well, indeed. Dance for me. Just follow the music. Raise your head a little… yes. Just like that. Do you know how beautiful you are?”

With my head thrown back, I could finally see him, leaning against railway of the catwalk just above the dance floor. Before I knew it, I was smiling. Every step I had taken so far had been for him; now it was easier to tell myself that there was no one here but him, no one seeing me but him. Never looking away, I passed my tongue over my lips and ran my hands along my body, not really touching but giving a convincing illusion of it, if the way he shifted before discreetly adjusting himself was any clue.

“Are you wet, Virginia? Do you enjoy putting yourself on display for me like this? I know I am enjoying it very much.”

“I am too, Anando.”

Just as I finished talking, a man stepped in front of me and, meeting my eyes and smiling at me, joined my dance. I started moving back, but Anando stopped me.

“Go ahead, dance with him. Put your hands on his shoulders.”

I didn’t want to. My Lady, you know how much I didn’t want to. Anando wanted me to do it, however, and that was the game I had chosen for us. So, I did as he asked. The man in front of me smiled more widely, but it was the approval in Anando’s voice that made me relax.

“Yes, like that. Get closer to him. Can you make him hard, Virginia? Can you make him as hard as you made me? Don’t answer. Just show me.”

… continued in Out of the Box 7

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