Excerpt from Out of the Box 8

Humming quietly in approval, he wrapped his arms around me and found my dress’ zipper in the back. I let him pull it completely down before I clucked my tongue reproachfully.

“Awfully bold of you to think you can undress a master vampire without making the proper offerings first.”

He blinked in surprise, and I decided that I wanted to see his eyes without the interference of the glasses anymore. I pulled them off his nose and dropped them on the carpet onto his vest.

“What…offerings are we talking about?” he asked, his fingers tracing a sensual line on my back along the opened zipper.

“What do you think?” I murmured, grinning deviously.

I pulled away from his embrace and tugged the tie free of his collar. When he raised his hand toward my face, I grabbed it gently and looped the tie around it. He looked at me askance, but when I took his other hand and tied it to the first, I know he remembered, like I did, the night we had played with handcuffs. He had given me all the power then, and this game was a bit of the same. I had grown in those few months, however, and I was a little more daring.

A few light tugs freed his shirt from his pants. Keeping my hands on his waist, I led him backwards to the sofa and gently pushed him down to sit. He understood what I wanted and raised his tied hands so that I could slip inside the circle of his arms and sit on his lap, one knee on each side of his legs. I cupped his face in my hands and slowly leaned forward, keeping eye contact until our lips touched. I shuddered at the feel of them, so cool, so soft, and pressed a little harder against his mouth, parting my lips to lick his gently. His tongue came out to play, and we deepened the kiss together.

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve kissed, be it chaste pecks or passionate, burning kisses. I just know that every time, my heart stammers in the same way, as though it had forgotten how to beat properly, and my mind erases everything that isn’t that instant, everything that isn’t him or me.

His hands, flat on my back, drew me closer to him, and as I shifted on his lap, I could now feel his cock pressed against my crotch, hard and impatient within the confines of his pants. Mindlessly, I rocked against him, feeling him press back against my now soaked panties. He broke off the kiss to let out a low moan.


The vampire I was supposed to be had not given her name to her prey, but I decided against pointing that out to him. The sound of my name spurred me on. I trailed my lips along his jaw, then down his neck to his bite scars. I gently scraped my teeth against the raised flesh before sucking hard enough to leave a bruise just a shade darker than his skin. Anando bucked beneath me, angling his head to give me better access. I kissed and sucked at his neck for a few more seconds before sliding as far back as I could within his embrace. He protested wordlessly, but quieted down when I pushed his shirt to the sides and leaned in to press a kiss over his heart. Would it have beaten as hard as mine, I wondered, if Anando had been human?

I continued to alternate small licks, kisses, and playful nips to his smooth chest before latching on to his small, puckered nipples, one after the other. Anando rested his head against the back of the sofa, eyes closed; the contented humming, or rather rumbling that came from his chest almost sounded like a big cat’s purr. I rested my cheek against his chest, feeling it vibrate. At the same time, my hands worked between us to undo his pants and guide his cock out. 

As I pumped it slowly in my closed fist, I hesitated. Part of me wanted to take Anando inside of me and ride him, right there and right then, like I had done, that one time, at the club. There was something else I wanted more than that, though. All evening long, throughout our role-playing game, the thought had been there that I, the dangerous vampire, would bite him before the night was over; taste him. Biting might not be something I could or would actually do, but as for tasting…

After all, I had asked him for an offering, hadn’t I?

… continued in Out of the Box 8

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