Excerpt from Walking The Edge

Leo couldn’t have said what it was that woke him up. Sometimes, a car driving down the quiet street in front of the club sufficed to pull him out of a too light sleep. Sometimes, one of his sleeping lovers shifted against him and roused him. Sometimes, and he liked those occurrences best, a gentle hand, or an even gentler mouth, settled on his cock and awakened it, and him.

Neither of his companions stirred, however, as he drifted out of sleep. He slowly became aware of Lisa resting behind him while Brett lay in front of him, an arm thrown over his waist, close enough that their semi-hard cocks rested together. Wakening further, he instinctively started arching his hips forward, seeking contact and friction. Brett’s cock responded in kind, hardening against his own. He reached between them to let his fingers play on Brett’s skin, and was disappointed by the grumbling reaction his touch received.

“Com’ on, Leo. Some ‘f us need sleep.”

Brett rolled away and onto his stomach, muttering something about “ungodly hours”. Leo glared at him, to no avail. Brett wasn’t so touchy about the time when he was the one to wake up with a hard on. This cursed day promised to reach new heights in disappointment. Unless…

Abandoning Brett as a lost cause, at least for the moment, Leo turned toward Lisa. She was lying on her stomach, strands of hair covering her face on the pillow. He rested his hand on her shoulder and let it slide down her back to her ass. Goosebumps formed beneath his fingers and she moved a little, even murmured softly. He caressed all the way back to her neck and brushed her hair away.

“Lisa…” he said, getting closer so that their lips touched. “Are you asleep?”


He traced her lips with the tip of his tongue. When she didn’t respond, he leaned in to press light kisses on her shoulder.

“Lovely, lovely Lisa,” he said against her skin. “Beautiful Beth.”

“Honey words,” she mumbled. “Sweet and sticky.”

He chuckled soundlessly. “Sticky?”

His amusement faded when she rolled onto her side and away from him. Could he be so unlucky that, today of all days, both his lovers would reject him?

She reached blindly behind her, however, taking hold of his cock, and shuffled back onto the bed. Leo rested a hand on her hip as she opened herself to him and guided him into her from behind. He rocked against her gently, slowly. She moved very little against him, still half asleep, but he didn’t mind her being passive for once. He cupped her right breast and massaged it until the nipple hardened against his palm before switching to the left. She purred, the sound low and kittenish. He continued to thrust into her, keeping his movements to a minimum, teasing both of them at once.

After a few minutes, he felt Brett move behind him, and heard the rhythm of his heartbeat pick up. He was awakening at last, and he wouldn’t be complaining anymore, if the heady scent of lust drifting from him was any indication. Warm fingers grabbed Leo’s hip. They held on tightly for a moment, then retreated. When they returned, slick and cool, they smeared a wet trail against Leo’s ass before pressing inside him.

Leo never stopped moving as Brett prepared him, but he slowed down when he felt the head of Brett’s cock nudge at his opening. Inch by inch, Brett entered him, stretching him and filling him with the burn of pleasure. Leo breathed deeply through his nose, taking in the mixed scents of his lovers and his own. When he let the air out again, it was with a contented sigh.

Half a year had passed since the three of them had first shared a bed. When they moved like this, however, when each slide, each thrust brought pleasure to all of them, Leo let himself believe they had always been together, and always would be.

With every minute movement forward, he buried himself inside Lisa. Every time he pulled back, Brett’s cock slid farther inside him. His hand played over Lisa, going from her nipples to her clit in languorous slides of barely there fingers. Brett’s hand had returned to his hip and was clutching it hard, possessively. Each sensation built on the others and intensified them until pleasure suffused his body. He couldn’t bear to keep a slow tempo now, he had to move faster, reach out for that elusive flame that would turn the warmth inside him to an inferno. He tried to move faster, but both Lisa and Brett thwarted his efforts. Lisa shuffled back until her back was tight against his chest while Brett pressed their bodies together.

Frustration threatened to overwhelm him. Before it could, however, before he could give voice to his need, Lisa took hold of his hand and brought his wrist to her mouth. He tensed as he waited for the bite he knew was coming. Her fangs descended slowly, teasing his flesh before they pierced it. Caught in the sensation, he didn’t notice Brett’s movements until a warm mouth pressed to the crook of his neck and sucked hard, just a second or two before Lisa finally bit him. She shuddered and moaned. The sound was almost a physical touch against the sensitive skin of his wrist. His orgasm rolled through him without warning, causing him to buck between his lovers.

They clung to each other as pleasure crashed over the three of them in slow, powerful waves. The moment was sheer perfection, Leo thought, contented. Two words changed everything.

“Happy birthday,” Lisa murmured as she let go of his wrist.

… continued in Walking the Edge

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