Out of the Box 7

Cover for Out of the Box 7Her last encounter with Anando left Virginia with questions she barely knows how to voice. She enjoyed being the focus of two men’s attentions, but Leo’s need to obtain permission from his lover to be with her puzzles her.

Why would anyone choose to place themselves so completely in someone else’s power, she asks Anando. His hands-on demonstration answers her question – along with a few more she did not dare ask.

LENGTH – 9500 words / about 30 PDF pages



RATING – Sizzling

The first part of the series is available as a free download.
It is followed by the novel Living Out of the Box
See also the tie-in ficlets featuring Anando and Virginia: Dancing and Elevator Ride.

This ebook is not available as an individual installment anymore but can be found as part of the Out of the Box series complete ebook.

>> Megan on Riverina Romantics gave the story 5 hearts

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