I’ve got a question for you. Do you go through phases in what you enjoy reading? What I mean by that is, do you find yourself reading several books that center around the same topic or premise, and they move on to another topic, and so forth? Or do you go from topic to topic, never twice the same in a row?

The reason I’m asking is that, somewhat to my surprise, I noticed that domination and submission themes have crept up in several of my stories since I wrote Carte Blanche. Now the plot of Carte Blanche was heavily centered of BDSM and it hasn’t been as strong in the other stories, but… It emerged from the plot of Out of the Box 6, to my own amazement, and I had to write Walking the Edge to figure out exactly how the arrangement between Leo and Brett worked. Then, Virginia’s curiosity was picked, and I had to center Out of the Box 7 around submission games to satisfy her interest. And now I’m back to Grace and Ray, the heroes of Carte Blanche, with more of their games in Rules and Rewards, and wondering where next BDSM or one of its milder forms might appear in my writing.

So, there you go. Is it just my muse being on a kinky bend, or do you have ‘phases’ too?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!