Walking The Edge

Vampires don’t grow old; it doesn’t stop Leo from dreading his birthday and the yearly disappointments it brings back.

This year, though, with two lovers in his life, the day might just take a better turn. Lisa knows him well enough to guess what he doesn’t even realize he needs, while Brett is ready to give – and ask for – the greatest gifts.

All Leo needs to do is hang on and ride the wave when it comes.

LENGTH – 12.000 words / 40 PDF pages



RATING – Sizzling

Preceded by Before The Edge, On The Edge and Over The Edge. Followed by Fifth Vision of Destiny

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6 Responses to 'Walking The Edge'

  1. pearl says:

    ohhh i love thisssssssssss

  2. Beach Love Melody says:

    I LOVE all the On The Edge, Out Of The Box, & Vision books!!! If YUMMY (licking my lips) gives you the visual on how I feel, then you know how much I love your books!!

  1. […] When I reached the point in the Out of the Box series when I wanted Anando to suggest a threesome to Virginia, I immediately thought of Leo. After all, he, Brett and Lisa were all fine with extra-curricular adventures… Or so I thought until I wrote Out of the Box 6. Suddenly, Brett found his way into the story and demanded to vet Virginia and Anando, so that it was only with his blessing that Leo accompanied them home. Virginia was intrigued by the arrangement, and so was I! I needed to figure out how it had come to be, and so I went back to Brett, Leo and Lisa, and discovered how she had pushed them into getting this very special arrangement – this became Walking The Edge. […]

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