Excerpt from First Vision of Destiny – Alicia

They shook hands, and as everyone said hello, Daisy herded the growing group toward the dining room and the refreshments she had prepared. As she gathered their jackets and purses, she couldn’t help noticing that, aside from Jack who never wore anything other than jeans, her friends had disregarded her request to keep the party informal. Both Mike and Brett wore suits and ties, while Alicia, Lydia, and Cathleen put Daisy to shame in a rainbow of cocktail dresses. She was sure they had dressed up to impress the guest of honor, and now Daisy found herself wishing she had done the same. She left them for a second to place their belongings in the guest bedroom, listening to the continuing discussion.

“I believe in seers,” Jack said again “I’m just not sure anyone can do what this guy says he does. I’m not sure anyone needs to know their future, either.”

When she returned, Daisy was pleased to note that eager hands had reached for hors d’oeuvres and wine glasses. She smiled and nodded graciously when wine and amuse-bouche were praised, happy that her efforts at playing hostess were appreciated. She still felt underdressed, however. As the conversation returned to topics that had been discussed ad nauseam the last few times they had met, her eyes flitted toward the master bedroom. She might find an appropriate dress in the closet there. Should she change?

“What about the seers who help the police find missing persons?” Alicia said. “They’re telling the future, and it’s a good thing!”

“And how about the one that predicted all those earthquakes?” Mike pointed out, raising his glass as though toasting the woman they had all seen on television.

With a slight shake of her head, Daisy focused on the discussion. She had no reason to dress up for someone she claimed was a fraud, after all. “How about all the earthquakes she didn’t predict?” she said. “Or all the other catastrophes that happen every day without anyone being warned?”

“Keep it up, and I’m going to start feeling guilty.”

She started at the words and turned to find that Sam Woods had arrived, along with her last three guests. 

“Well, maybe you should,” she said. Heat was rising in her cheeks, but she ignored it, pretending to herself that it was just the wine. “It’d be far more useful if you could tell us if one of us will have a car accident or where to invest for our retirements. What you do—”

“I didn’t choose this gift,” Woods said. Cathleen handed him a glass, and he accepted it with a nod of his head without taking his dark eyes off Daisy for more than a second. “I don’t choose what to see. It’s just there.”

Forgetting the people around them, forgetting that she had asked him to come precisely to tell them about their futures, she gave him a hard look. “And you could let it stay there. We’re not talking life or death.”

He took a sip of wine, then smiled. “Ah, but my dear Daisy, we’ve had this argument before. Sometimes love is a matter of life or death.”

Daisy was about to respond—they had argued about this before, and she had had more than enough time to come up with the perfect answer. Lydia stopped her, however, resting a gentle hand on her shoulder. Daisy tensed at the unexpected contact.

“Daisy, come on, you’re going to make him mad, and then he won’t… What do you call what to do, Mr. Woods?”

From the corner of her eye, Daisy saw Jack’s features harden. He didn’t like the innocent smile Lydia was offering Woods. Truth be told, and it shocked Daisy to realize it, neither did she.

“Just Sam, please.” Woods smiled back at Lydia. Then, making eye contact with everyone, he looked at the ten people now gathered around him. Ten was the maximum he could do in an evening, he had told Daisy when she had approached him about doing this for her friends. “And usually I call it showing. Because that’s pretty much what I do. I show you a moment of your future. Not just any moment, but the key instant that will shape your relationships for the rest of your life.”

“Show us?” Joan, one of the latecomers, said with a small frown. “Like… a vision?”

She sounded skeptical but intrigued. Daisy didn’t know why Joan would even want to hear about her love life when she was happy with Brad and seemed so sure that her future would be spent with him. Even now, they were holding hands; Daisy sometimes wondered if they had ever let go since Joan had invited Brad to their senior prom.

Woods nodded. “Vision is a good enough word. You won’t just be watching, though. You’ll live it. You’ll become the person you’ll be in a year or ten or whenever this moment in time is. You’ll forget that you’re not there yet; you’ll know everything you need to know to deal with that situation.”

… continued in First Vision of Destiny – Alicia

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