First Vision of Destiny – Alicia

Cover for First Vision of DestinyDaisy’s first mistake was to tell her friends that the famous seer Sam Woods is a family friend; her second one, to let them convince her to organize a soiree so that they may meet him. They are excited and can’t wait to be given a vision of their romantic future. Daisy, on the other hand, still doesn’t see the point in being told what Cupid is preparing for her.

One by one, Daisy’s nine friends will get a glimpse of the crucial choice, the passionate night, or the unexpected encounter that will shape the rest of their love lives. Will Daisy join them and ask Sam to reveal her future to her before the night is over?

Alicia is the first to volunteer to be shown what her future holds, maybe because she hasn’t had much luck with men so far in her life. Craving a relationship in which she would be needed, she has been visiting blood bars and allowing vampires to bite her. Those same vampires, Sam Woods shows her, could cause her to lose the man she loves more than anything…

LENGTH – 13.000 words / 30 PDF pages



NOTE – See a description of the series, which is also available as one complete ebook.

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