Third Vision of Destiny – Joan

Cover for Third Vision of DestinyAs Daisy witnesses her friends’ distress, she can only wonder, yet again, if visions of one’s future are more damaging than they are helpful. She tries to argue with the seer Sam Woods about it, tries to convince her friends not to go through the experience, but without any success, and she can only watch as Joan goes to Woods – watch, and hope that this vision will not break apart Joan and her boyfriend Brad.

In her vision, Joan is married to Brad, and they have two beautiful children. Everything seems perfect – except for the porn videos Joan discovers on the computer, that is. After her initial feelings of betrayal and talking about it with Brad, she realizes that, maybe, she could try to give Brad a very special Christmas gift by acting out his fantasy…

LENGTH – 10.000 words / 23 PDF pages




NOTE – See a description of the series, which is also available as one complete ebook.

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