Excerpt from Fifth Vision of Destiny

“Do you trust me?” Leo cut in, voice gentle yet firm.

Without thinking, Brett reached up to brush his fingers against the two puckered scars on his neck. Leo always bit in the same place he had that very first night, reopening the same scars again and again, and touching them always sent flashes of warmth and lust coiling around Brett’s balls. If there was a better way to prove his trust, he didn’t know what it was.

Leo’s gaze followed his gesture, and he leaned closer to press his lips over Brett’s fingers.

“Then believe me,” he said as he pulled back, smiling softly. “She’ll be in our bed tonight, and she’ll be wearing that pretty ring.”

As unlikely as it seemed, Brett wished he could believe it. He wanted to believe it, wanted to believe Leo. At that moment, nothing scared him more than the thought that he might have upset the balance of their relationship deeply enough that they might lose Lisa. And then, it struck him: he couldn’t recall Leo ever disappointing him in any way. If he was so certain that Lisa would return to them, it had to mean she would.

Grabbing the back of Leo’s neck, Brett pulled him forward and crashed his mouth onto Leo’s. He pressed inside at once, caressing Leo’s tongue and palate and putting all his love, all his trust, all his gratitude into their kiss.

“Now, that’s more like it,” Leo said, grinning, when he ended the kiss. His hands were back to the front of Brett’s pants, and he now made short work of the zipper and button there. When he pushed the pants down, Brett tried to reach for the waistband of Leo’s boxers, only to have his hands batted away.

“Nuh uh,” Leo said with a cluck of his tongue. “My game for now. Your dick in my mouth, that’s the plan, remember?”

It really was difficult to argue with that, or even find a reason to argue. Letting his arms fall to his sides, Brett let Leo finish undressing him. His shirt was next, and Leo only undid the cuffs and two buttons at the top before he pulled it, then Brett’s undershirt, over his head.

“That’s more like it,” Leo murmured, grinning his approval of Brett’s compliance. Thumbs hooked over the sides of Brett’s boxers, he eased them over his bobbing cock and pushed them down to his knees, along with his pants. “Sit down for me,” Leo instructed, and there was no teasing left in his voice, only lust. “There you go.”

One last tug, and Brett’s clothes were on the floor, leaving him bare as he sat on the edge of the bed, propped up by his hands on either side of him.

As often as it had happened over the years, Brett would never tired of watching Leo slide down to his knees in front of him. He always wore the same hungry, dirty smile, lips shiny and wet from licking them.

Shuffling forward, Leo rested a hand on each of Brett’s knees and pushed back lightly, spreading his legs so he could move between them. “Still worried?” he asked as he closed his fist at the base of Brett’s cock and gave him a coy look from beneath his eyelashes.

Before Brett could say a word, Leo leaned forward, his closed lips pressing against the tip of Brett’s cock then parting slowly to let it slide in and onto his waiting tongue.

Brett made an indistinct noise and brought both hands to Leo’s head, threading his fingers back through Leo’s short hair. Eyes wide and mouth open to let out quiet gasps, Brett watched Leo move lower and lower still. Wet, unrelenting suction wrapped around his cock, sending sparks of fire coursing through his entire body until Brett couldn’t keep still anymore. His hips started jerking forward every so often, and he could feel Leo grinning around his dick.

When Leo was in a playful mood, he could make a blowjob last for what felt like hours, bringing Brett so close to pleasure he was sure he would come, then pulling back, just barely, and letting him calm down again before starting all over. By the end of these sessions, Brett was always a babbling mess, pleading and begging for release, clinging to Lisa as she watched, indulgent and serene, and more often than not she was the one who finally put an end to that sweet torture, demanding with a word or a touch that Leo let Brett come at last.

This time, it was different. There was no teasing, no delaying. Leo took Brett’s cock into the back of his throat, cradled his balls in his hand, and there was nothing left but the constant pressure of his lips and tongue, the contractions of his throat, the dance of his fingers against sensitive skin. Nothing left for Brett to do but hold on for this fast ride, and let Leo take him as high as he ever had.

… continued in Fifth Vision of Destiny

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