Excerpt from Sunshine

The flogger touched Ray’s shoulder with all the force of a feather drifting on a light breeze. His hands squeezed the Plexiglas rod he held for support as he bent at the waist, and he dropped his head, shutting his eyes tight, clenching his teeth even tighter.

A cluck of tongue was the only reminder he needed. He raised his head again and forced his eyes open. The glass in front of him didn’t reflect his vampire body any more than a mirror would have, but it did reflect Mistress Red. She was wearing black from the tip of her high-heeled boots to the belt that cinched her leather pants, but her tight-fitting corset was red, like the fiery braid that rested on her bare shoulder.

“Better,” she said, her voice mild despite the threat of consequences if Ray broke position again. “Stay still now.”

Ray didn’t answer. She hadn’t asked him a question. He kept his head up, his eyes open, and didn’t move even a finger as she resumed her teasing.

He didn’t care about the handful of people watching from the sitting room on the other side of the oversized window, didn’t care about what they thought, what they saw, or thought they saw, on his face or in her actions. The only person he cared about stood next to him, now running the long falls of the flogger along his back. The slow caress of the suede made him want to cringe, to howl and snarl, show his fangs and earn another beating like she had all but promised him.

“You’re going to be good for me.”

The quiet but confident words slid over his mind as gently as the flogger now slipping over his ass and between his parted legs. Standing directly behind him, she nudged his balls, then his cock. The touch wasn’t anywhere near enough, and he swallowed the request for more that rose to his lips. He’d been hard since she had led him into the playroom and told him to strip—no, even before that: since he had watched her weave her long mane of hair into that tight braid. That always meant a night of hard playing was ahead of them.

“You’re going to be very good,” she said again. She was still behind him, but slightly to the side now, allowing the very tips of the falls to brush against his ass. “And you’re going to be completely quiet. Not a sound, not a word, unless it’s ‘sunshine.’”

… continued in Sunshine

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