Fifth Vision of Destiny – Brett

Cover for Fifth Vision of DestinyAs the evening progresses and Daisy witnesses the seer Sam Woods giving her friends visions of their future, her opinion of Woods slowly changes. Maybe he isn’t the charlatan she believed, after all, and maybe all these glimpses of other people’s happiness are harder to bear than he lets on. His admission that he never felt real love, soon echoed by her friend Brett, leaves Daisy uncomfortable enough that she eavesdrops on Brett and Woods’ conversation.

For all his fears of not finding the person he is destined to love, Brett discovers in his vision that he will fall in love with not one lover, but two. Two vampires, in fact, a man and a woman, both of them so precious to him that he wants to show his love by offering them wedding rings. But when one of them refuses to wear the ring, the perfect relationship he thought he had starts to crumble around him… or does it?

LENGTH – 15.000 words – 40 PDF pages




See a description of the series, which is also available as one complete ebook.
This story showcases the three main characters from On The Edge and takes place after Walking The Edge.

PRINT (as part of Tales From The Edge)
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