On The Edge contest

To celebrate the release of Fifth Vision of Destiny – Brett on Sunday, I thought we’d have a small contest!

In the book, Brett buys rings for his lovers in an antiques shop. To participate in the contest, just answer this question by clicking the comment link: what’s more romantic, brand new jewelry bought just for you by your special someone, or heirloom jewelry that has a special history (like, “my grandpa had this made for his wife for their 20th anniversary and she wore it every day”)?

As for me, all my jewelry (not that I have much of it LOL) was purchased new, but I wouldn’t have minded having a special family piece, and I sort of hope that one day my jewelry will be passed on to someone else with love.

You have until Saturday, the 10th to participate. One winner will be chosen randomly and receive their choice of On The Edge if they are new to the series, or Fifth Vision if they have read the previous adventures of Brett, Leo and Lisa.

Good luck, and I can’t wait to see your answers!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!