Excerpt from Ninth Vision of Destiny – Jack

His confusion must have showed; Angela grinned sharply, flashing her fangs.

“Blood,” she said.

This time her hand rose slowly toward his face. Jack almost flinched away but his pride stopped him. He refused to let her believe he was afraid of her—even if part of him was. He forced himself to stay very still and allowed her fingers to make contact. They trailed against his cheek, following the same path as her nails. The touch was electric, the jolt coursing through Jack, going straight to his balls. He pinched his lips tightly together and blinked twice fast. Angela’s gaze remained intent on her touch. When she pulled her hand away and turned it to show Jack, each of her fingertips was dark red and gleaming wetly. Jack’s nostrils flared.

“Blood,” she said again and this time it was a murmur thick with echoes of sex. “There is more than one hunger and blood is linked to it all. Didn’t you notice how the smell made you hard?”

Jack didn’t reply. He hadn’t. The all-consuming hunger that had gnawed at him since he had awakened, that same hunger he tried so hard to ignore, had leapt at the scent of his own blood, as it had when he had cut his finger. Now that he allowed himself to be aware of it, he knew that he wasn’t just hungry for blood. He craved touch, too; wanted to kiss those plump, red lips, suck on flesh, plunge into a welcoming body, cock and fangs and—

“Now you’re getting it,” Angela practically purred.

Her pupils were wide, a rim of golden fire surrounding blue-gray ice. She brought her fingers to her lips and sucked each of them into her mouth, one at a time, licking them clean of his blood. Jack couldn’t take his eyes off her. It was all he could do not to moan. Behind the shield of his cupped hands, his cock twitched, smearing precome against his fingers.

“It’s frightening, isn’t it?” she continued when she had dropped her hand again. “How deeply you need? You’ve never felt anything like this before, have you?”

“How… how do you know?” Jack croaked.

“Because I was hungry too, when I woke up.”

Her tone was gently chiding as though the answer ought to have been obvious to Jack. Maybe he might have been able to think if all his blood hadn’t currently resided in his cock. Right now his mind was torn between two primal thoughts: blood and sex. Everything else was irrelevant.

Angela continued speaking carelessly as though she didn’t feel the same urgency; but she had to, didn’t she? She smelled like desire. Although how Jack knew what desire smelled like, he couldn’t have said.

“I was hungry,” she said again. “And when my Sire offered me his wrist, his blood was simply the best thing I had ever tasted.”

Jack’s gaze dropped to her hands. One of them rested on her thigh while she leaned against the other splayed on the bed. She had cast the stake aside on the very edge of the bed, where it threatened to roll off onto the floor. He looked back at her face, wondering if she was finished intimidating him and would offer him her blood now. He realized he was licking his lips when her eyes flicked down to his mouth. He made himself stop and raised an eyebrow at her, asking without a word. It wouldn’t be that easy, however.

“Ask,” Angela said. “Nicely.”

continued in Ninth Vision of Destiny – Jack

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