Excerpt from Seventh Vision of Destiny – Rachel

“Enjoying yourself without me when you knew I was coming,” he said, reproachful. “How very naughty.”

He finished his drink and set the glass to the table beside the loveseat. Reaching forward, he slipped a single finger under her chin. He made a point of looking straight into her eyes, and she had to stop herself from dropping her gaze. His eyes were dark, the pupils dilated and already filled with desire.

“I think,” he said slowly, as though musing aloud, “I might have to see just how much you enjoyed yourself and decide if you need to be punished.”

A shiver fluttered down Rachel’s back at that last word; it was all part of the game, of course. Whether she had enjoyed herself too much or not watching others play, Master David would end up taking her to one of the play rooms so they could have a scene of their own.

“Go to the restrooms,” he continued, his voice quieter now yet stronger, “and take off your panties. Then return so I can decide.”

She was standing the moment he finished speaking, before his full command had even registered in her mind. Her heart stuttered when she understood, and she almost stumbled. Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm her mind and keep a normal pace as she went to the ladies room, the entrance for which was near the bar.

Pale lavender porcelain on the floor and walls gleamed under the soft light above. Three white sinks were set into a waist-high counter of pale marble, topped by one oversized mirror in a white frame. A large bouquet of flowers just opposite the door perfumed the entire room with exotic scents.

All three stalls were empty. Rachel picked the one farthest from the door and closed the stall door behind her. Leaning back against it, she slipped her fingers underneath her skirt, hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties, and had to wiggle a little to tug them down. The fabric left damp trails down her thighs, and as she stepped out of the thing she thought, briefly, of cleaning herself up before she returned to Master David.

He hadn’t indicated that she ought to do so, however, or even that she could. All he had said was that she was to take off her underwear and return to him. She was sure that he would know if she did anything else; he always seemed to guess whenever she did something she wasn’t supposed to. She didn’t want to disappoint him now, not when he had said that tonight would be special.

She returned to the sitting room with her thong bunched up in her closed hand. Although she kept her eyes down, she could feel gazes on her, and she imagined that everyone knew she was now bare underneath her skirt. She knew that at least two of the people there were vampires, and she wondered if they could smell the wetness on her thighs. The thought aroused her even further, and by the time she reached Master David, her heart was beating furiously and she was taking fast, shallow breaths.

She started to get down to her knees like before, but he stopped her by tapping the seat next to him.

“Up here,” he demanded, then as she sat at his side, he crooned, “There you go. That’s my girl. You did what I asked?”

Her hand trembled a little in excitement as she held it out toward him, then opened it to reveal the scrap of silk inside it. He picked up the thong and slipped it in his pants pocket. She suppressed a grin at the sudden thought that she was unlikely to ever get it back.

“Good,” he said very low, resting a hand on her closed knees, “but I asked you to take those off so I could check directly.”

Her eyes widened at his words, and she couldn’t stop herself from jerking back. Light play was allowed in the club, but it was mostly roleplay and touching over clothes. Anything overtly sexual was supposed to happen only within the confines of the play rooms. Caught between the club’s rules and Master David’s request, Rachel found herself hesitating.

“Here?” she asked, her voice squeaking lightly. “But—”

She stopped at a new cluck of his tongue.

“No buts, Sheila,” he said mildly. “And yes, here, if that’s what I want. Do you have a problem with that? Do you mind that people might watch me touch you?”

“Sir, you know I don’t mind,” Rachel said very fast. “But the club—”

“Hush now.”

She fell silent at once, but tried to put her reluctance into her eyes. Her heartbeat was drumming in her ears.

“Close your eyes,” he demanded. “Breathe deeply. There. Better.”

Although her breathing calmed a little as his quiet words soothed her, she still felt just as thrilled as she was anxious. She did have an exhibitionist streak, and she enjoyed feeling other people’s eyes on her, like so many caresses. They weren’t supposed to do this in the common area of the club, though. And while Rachel sometimes resented the presence of a window between her, her Master, and their audience, she was deeply uncomfortable with breaking any rule.

“Shh…” He breathed against her ear as his hand, broad and warm, caressed her knees and thighs in slow circles. “You’re not going to get in trouble. You’re just being very good for me, aren’t you?”

“Ye-Yes, sir,” she said with a nod, scrunching her eyes a little tighter.

She knew she wouldn’t get in trouble, of course; in such a situation, the Dom was the one who would have to answer to the club’s security, should it choose to intervene. Just the same, rules were rules, and only after reminding herself that she was obeying her Master did she manage to fully relax. Her knees parted under his touch, allowing his hand to slip higher over her thigh, then in between her legs, high enough that soon his fingertips found her wetness before he even reached her shaved mound. She let out a quiet, breathy moan, and to her own ears it sounded as loud as a cry.

“That’s my good girl,” he all but purred in her ear. “So very wet already.”

… continued in Seventh Vision of destiny – Rachel.

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