Final Vision of Destiny – Sam

With the last of her friends gone, Daisy finds herself alone with Sam Woods. After the nine different visions the seer experienced during the evening, he confesses to having trouble differentiating reality from the images of the future he saw. Feeling more comfortable with him than she did at the beginning of the night, Daisy invites him to stay in her guest room.

Troubled as he may be, Sam still hasn’t given up on giving Daisy a vision of her future, haunted by the thought that maybe, just maybe, she is the person whose life will be linked to his – the person he has been looking for in each vision. As they take a stroll on the moonlit beach, he asks her one last time to let him show her future to her. In the end, though, it might be Daisy who offers Sam a vision of his own…

LENGTH – 15.500 words / 40 PDF pages




NOTE – See a description of the series, which is also available as one complete ebook.

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