Ninth Vision of Destiny – Jack

Throughout the evening, the seer Sam Woods has shown Daisy’s friends the choices and partners that will shape their romantic lives. Now that the New Year has come, they celebrate the end of the soiree and take their first steps on a path that will lead all of them to love – and for some of them, to heartache, too.

It was heartache that caused Jack to leave the soiree earlier when he guessed that his girlfriend’s vision showed her a future without him. Now, he returns and asks to see for himself. What he discovers in the vision Woods offers him is the very thing all Special Enforcers fear: his awakening as a vampire. When the opportunity arises to kill Angela, his Sire, will he seize it and avenge his own death, or try to move on toward a future with her?

LENGTH – 15.000 words / 40 PDF pages




NOTE – See a description of the series, which is also available as one complete ebook.

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