Waiting for the 20th – part 11

And a glimpse of the final part for Living Out of the Box. This one is titled A Promise.

It’s no secret that I’m not a morning person. Neither is Virginia, so it works out fine. I don’t know many vampires who enjoy getting up early. Leo is a freakish exception, if you ask me.

We can follow human hours for the most part when we have to, which certainly makes things easier when we live with a human companion. But I suppose deep down we’ll always be wired to be active at night and rest during the day.

Somehow, though, having Virginia in my bed makes it easier to get up at hours that, until meeting her, I used to call indecent. Most mornings, especially when she has to be up early to go to work, I wake up before she does. I even like waking up first, to my own surprise. It’s worth the trouble to pull her out of sleep with kisses, caresses, and a bit more than caresses when we have time—and, of course, the hot cup of coffee she can’t function without.

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