Excerpt from His Sire’s New Pet

Before Alan could do more than blink in surprise, Tyler finally did what his body had clearly been demanding for a little while and slid down to his knees at Jeremy’s side. His legs parted and he drew his arms behind him like Jeremy had; it obviously wasn’t the first time he had taken the position. Judging by the bulge now tenting his fatigues, he really didn’t mind being on his knees.

“And Sir, before you ask, I do understand what I’m getting into. I do want this.”

Alan’s chuckle was deep and dark, something usually reserved for his bedroom and long BDSM scenes, when Jeremy was stretched out beneath him and gasping, pleading for his release. Jeremy must have recognized it, for he glanced upward for a second, the briefest look of surprise flickering through his eyes. Alan made note of this—another mistake that would need to be paid for in full—but when he slinked forward it was to come and stand in front of Tyler.

“I’m not sure you do,” he said, barely louder than a whisper. “Maybe you’ve played before. Maybe you think you know what being punished means. But clearly you don’t understand what this is about, because there you are on your knees, and still you speak without permission and make demands of me. If you stay, you will be punished for both things, and any other misstep you make. And I’m still not sure I want to let you take Jeremy’s punishment. I’m not convinced you could take it if I gave it to you.”

He paused, then, waiting to see if his words made any kind of impression on the man—little more than a boy, really—kneeling at his feet. Tyler licked his lips again, and for a moment Alan thought he would say something, but in the end he remained quiet and immobile. Had he moved or said a word, Alan would have sent him away right then; he had no interest in training someone who didn’t understand he very basics of what he claimed he wanted. As it was, Alan still wasn’t sure he wanted to play with the boy. Jeremy was more than enough for him.

On the other hand, the scent rising from Jeremy was pure lust, with none of the discomfort that was usually present after he had earned himself a punishment when he hadn’t meant to. It seemed his Childe was more than ready to share. For a moment, Alan allowed himself to wonder if Jeremy saw it as sharing his Dom with Tyler, or sharing his pet with Alan. He would have bet on the latter. The end result was the same, but even after all these years Jeremy still managed to surprise Alan, sometimes. Maybe he would ask Jeremy at some point, if this went any further.

Turning on his heel, Alan took a few steps away before glancing back at them. They did make a very pretty picture, kneeling together like this. They were similar enough in body types to be well matched, with only their complexions and hair color differing. Jeremy seemed even paler than usual next to Tyler, his hair even closer to blond than its actual honey color. It had been a long time since Alan had played with two submissives at once. He had not missed it—it was difficult to want anything more with Jeremy in his life—but now that it was offered to him, he realized he wouldn’t mind one night of it, for old time’s sake.

“I am going to go take a bath,” he said slowly. “Then I will go into my bedroom, and deal out punishment to whoever is in there. Jeremy, ready yourself. And make sure your pet understands this is not a game. If he does stay, teach him enough that he won’t blunder every two seconds.”

With that, Alan retreated to the main bedroom and its en suite bathroom. He ran a hot bath, undressed, and slipped into the water with a sigh. Even without trying, he could hear every word they shared.

* * * *

Jeremy waited until the bathroom door had clicked shut in the master suite before he pushed himself to his feet, biting back a grunt when pain lanced through his side, radiating from his wound. The medics had stitched him shut to help the healing, and the stitches already pulled as though too tight. Tyler glanced up at him, then back at the bedroom, maybe expecting Alan to return and be angry they had moved. Smiling, Jeremy held out his hand.

“Up,” he said. “You’ll have plenty of time to be on your knees later if you still want it.”

Tyler’s hand was shaking when he reached up, but it steadied when it curled over Jeremy’s. He allowed Jeremy to pull him up and immediately slid both arms around Jeremy’s neck, drawing him closer as he whispered, “I was so sure he’d send me away. What did I do wrong?”

Pain flared through Jeremy again and this time he couldn’t hold back a quiet gasp. Tyler jerked back at once, eyes wide and apologetic.

“Damn, sorry, I didn’t think—”

Jeremy crushed his mouth to Tyler’s, stopping him mid-apology. He pulled back after a second but stayed close, pressing his forehead against Tyler’s.

“I’m fine,” he said quietly. “Already healing. Okay?”

He had said as much before, but Tyler looked like he wouldn’t believe it until he saw that the wound was closed. It would only take a few days at most, probably less if Alan offered Jeremy his blood. He usually did, unless Jeremy continued to mess up after his first blunder. Jeremy didn’t intend to put another toe out of line tonight.

“Do you need more blood?” Tyler asked, his hands rubbing along Jeremy’s arms. “The medics didn’t give you much, if you want mine you can—”

Another brief kiss, and this one was more than an attempt to silence Tyler or calm him down. Few humans offered their blood so easily, and Tyler always did as though he relished the opportunity and enjoyed being needed in such a primal way. Jeremy would have liked to take him up on it, but they were already short on time.

“Quiet,” he demanded, his voice nowhere near as demanding as Alan’s but enough so to command silence from Tyler, at least for the moment. “Listen. You don’t have to do this. He knows my limits, he won’t give me any more than I can take.”

Tyler’s hands had slid down Jeremy’s arms and now he clutched Jeremy’s fingers as though afraid he would be sent away.

“But I want to do this for you,” Tyler murmured. “It’s only fair. It’s my fault you got hurt.”

Pulling both his hands free, Jeremy grabbed Tyler’s face and held on tight. When Tyler had first said this, Jeremy had been unable to respond, however much he wanted to. He wouldn’t let it pass a second time.

“No,” he said strongly, on a tone that suffered no rebuttal. “It is not your fault. I knew exactly what I was doing. I will not let you claim my choices as yours.”

Choices, and not mistakes; Jeremy wondered if Tyler noticed. A mistake was something you did by accident, never intending the consequences you received. Jeremy had known, in the split second when he had needed to act, what would happen if he threw himself in front of Tyler. He had also considered a couple other possible actions; both would have probably saved Tyler’s life, but he would have been injured instead of Jeremy. Jeremy had made a choice, and he didn’t regret it.

“Then I’ll take your punishment to thank you,” Tyler said, a stubborn gleam lighting his eyes. “Whatever way you look at it, I want to take your punishment.” His voice dropped to a murmur and took on a pleading echo. “I need to.”

Stroking Tyler’s cheeks with his thumbs, Jeremy offered him a small smile. It was more than the desire to pay his debt that was pushing Tyler now, Jeremy realized. Instead, it was the same need that had guided Tyler to a small bar, the only one of its kind in town. The people who went there were looking for more than alcohol or company, and they didn’t always know how to ask for it. Tyler had been like that the first time he had come there, bright eyed, awkward, but most of all hopeful. Few humans cared to play with vampires, but it had never seemed to matter to Tyler what Jeremy was, other than a Dom willing to take him in hand. Jeremy had needed a few nights to get him to say what it was he wanted; Jeremy had known all along, but making Tyler say it had been half the thrill.

“If you need it, I can…”

Jeremy’s words trailed off when Tyler glanced down toward Jeremy’s injured side. Tyler didn’t say anything, but Jeremy heard him loud and clear. With that wound, Jeremy wouldn’t be able to play a proper BDSM scene for a few days. And if Tyler needed now…

Jeremy sighed, and brushed a thumb across Tyler’s lips. “All right,” he murmured. “As long as you understand that he won’t make it easy on you because you’re human or new at all this.”

… continued in His Sire’s New Pet

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