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Forgotten Lullabies

In the novels Fangs & Lullabies and Demons & Lullabies, I have attempted to give readers a peek into the very unusual family formed by Jacob and his fathers, Andrew and Nicholas, both of whom are vampires. These two stories offer snapshots of Jacob’s and his fathers’ lives from his birth to adulthood.

This sample ebook is constructed the same way, although with fewer and shorter snapshots. Some of them were written as answers to prompts from readers and first posted as flash fiction on my site; some were written specifically for this ebook.

Whether you are just discovering the members of this little family or have followed their adventures before, I hope you will enjoy these glimpses into their lives.


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5 Responses to 'Forgotten Lullabies'

  1. Carnell says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That was amazing. I will never get enough of them 🙂

    And I looooooved Demons and Lullabies.

  2. mela1953 says:

    I think my favorite was the “sex” talk….. LOL

  3. Patricia says:


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