Saturday Snippet #3 – His Sire’s New Pet

This week’s theme for the Saturday Snippets is ‘touch‘. It was just the perfect theme to feature my new release. Now please note this is a M/M/M, BDSM story, so do not click on the continue link if this kind of material is not your cup of tea.

And if you’re an author, we’d love to have you join us for next week’s theme.


Tyler didn’t know whether to be scared or excited anymore. Both feelings were flowing through him like blood with each of his too-fast heartbeats. In a moment, he was sure of it, he would calm down at last, and slip into the proper headspace. But those minutes before the actual play took place, with this new Master laying out his rules and asking questions Tyler didn’t quite know how to answer, had been unsettling. Alan seemed to understand as much, because his voice and touch were soft, gentling when he guided Tyler to the side before helping him lay across his lap.

“A little more forward. Hands on the floor. There you go.”

As uncomfortable as the position was, head down, fingers and toes on the floor with his weight supported by Alan’s thighs, Tyler already started to relax. Alan was running a hand over his ass and thighs as though to learn the contours of his body, and that small, unassuming touch was a hint of things to come. Tyler’s cock twitched hopefully, the very tip brushing a wet trail against Alan’s inner thigh. This was one of Tyler’s favorite moments: waiting for the first blow, his body ready for the pain, even craving it, knowing it wouldn’t be much longer now.

“The first ones will be strokes you earned for yourself,” Alan said, holding true to his word that he would explain what each punishment was for. “Talking out of turn. Not answering when asked a question. Standing without permission.”

Rather than look straight down, Tyler turned his head minutely until he could see Jeremy. He was still kneeling, his form perfect and seemingly easy to maintain. He was as gorgeous now, in this submissive posture, as he was when standing over a kneeling Tyler, grinning at the thought of what he would do next. He wasn’t smiling at the moment, though, his expression neutral and unreadable. Was he really okay with all of this? Tyler had asked, but would Jeremy have told him if he was unhappy with any of it? Tyler had only wanted to spare Jeremy a punishment he hadn’t earned, but now—


The first hit was sharp, landing across Tyler’s left ass cheek, and the cracking sound resonated through the small room.

“I do not recall giving you permission to look at Jeremy,” Alan said in that cold voice of his. “For that matter, I don’t recall saying you could move. Did I?”

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