Suggested reading order by series

The Pacts series (all M/F) standalones
All Things Except Blood
A Kiss of Blood
Her Last Words
Souls Night

On The Edge series
Books between (parentheses) take place in the On The Edge club but are standalones.
Before The Edge (M/F)
On The Edge (M/F – M/M – M/F/M)
Over The Edge (M/F – M/M – M/F/M)
– (Forget Ever After) (M/F)
Walking The Edge (M/M – M/F/M)
– (Dare I?) (M/F)
Fifth Vision of Destiny (M/F/M)
Out of the Box (M/F – M/F/M)
– (Forever Starts Now) (M/F)
Living Out of the Box (M/F – M/M – M/M/F)
Beyond The Edge (M/F – M/M – M/M/F – M/F/M – M/M/F/M/F)

Special Enforcers series (all M/F)
CheckMate, Baby Steps and His Lover’s Fangs are complete standalones.
Carte Blanche, Rules & Rewards and Sunshine should be read in this order.

The Demons Age series
This series contains sub-series that should be read in order as well as standalones.

– The Lullabies series
Fangs & Lullabies (M/M)
Demons & Lullabies (M/M)
Forgotten Lullabies (M/M)
One Last Lullaby (M/M – M/F)
– His Dominant Sire series
His Sire’s New Pet (M/M/M)
His Sire’s New Game (M/M/M)
His Sire’s New Rules (M/M/M)
Anterograde (M/M)
– Blurred Trilogy
Blurred Nights (M/M – M/F)
Blurred Bloodlines (M/M – M/F/M)
Blurred Memories (M/M – M/F/M)
Aria & Will (M/F)
I’ll Be Home For Christmas (M/F)
No Crayons On The Front Line (M/F)

Ward of the Vampire serial (all M/F) Need to be read in order
Ward of the Vampire
My Reluctant Warden
Awkward Holidays
The Coward’s Way Out

QuickSilver Codex series (all M/F) Need to be read in order

Serenade Serial (M/F, some M/F/M, allusions to M/M) Need to be read in order

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