Under His Skin

Under His Skin - A M/M romance short story by KallystenFor Christmas, Nathan has the perfect gift for Joshua, his best friend and sometimes lover: his magic. Ever since Nathan found out he had magical abilities, Joshua has supported him, encouraging him to cultivate his talent, so that Nathan is now the resident mage of the local Special Enforcer agency that employs both of them. Joshua, however, doesn’t have a trace of the talent, however much he wishes he could do magic too.

On a night off, Nathan offers Joshua a way to discover what it feels like to do magic by swapping bodies for a few hours. But before the night is over, their boss calls them both for back up, and the playful spell starts to cast a different light on their relationship. Will they be able to do their job and keep an innocent girl safe while stuck in each other’s skin, or will magic break them apart?

LENGTH – 19.200 words / 50 PDF pages




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3 Responses to 'Under His Skin'

  1. Carnell says:

    I loved “Under His Skin”. I love your work. That is all 🙂

  2. anglhornshalo says:

    Read this story and thought it was well written and storyline was very good. Enjoyed getting the chance to read this very much!!!!

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