Blue Hair and 7 PAs

A sweet M/M romance short story by KallystenWhen Vinnie came to LA, he was following his dream of becoming a movie star. After a few months, however, he finds himself in the employ of one as personal assistant to James Spencer. The job is an odd one, a mix of nanny, minder and best friend. The oddest part yet might hide behind the closed door James forbade Vinnie to open at the very moment he handed him the key.

As James’ and Vinnie’s friendship grows, so does Vinnie’s curiosity, and right when everything finally starts coming together he succumbs and opens the door at the risk of losing it all.

LENGTH – 8.000 words / about 20 PDF pages



RATING – Sweet

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>> Serena Yates reviewed the book for Rainbow Book Reviews and gave it 4 stars on Goodreads
>> Lucy on Heart on Fire Reviews gave the story 5 hearts
>> Susan on Top 2 Bottom gave the story 5 kisses
>> Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books gave the story 3.5 Sweet Peas

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