Excerpt from Beyond The Edge

The waves crashed down against the rocks at the bottom of the cliff, a relentless rhythm like the heartbeat of the ocean. Under Leo’s fingers, Brett’s heart echoed that beat, even and regular in sleep.

The stone platform wasn’t all that comfortable, even with a couple blankets to cushion the smooth rock underneath, but with pleasure still lingering inside him, Leo didn’t care much.

Sitting up, he looked over Brett’s body at where Lisa lay against him, an arm curled behind her head and a smile on her lips as she stared at the stars above them.

“Should we wake him?” he asked in a whisper.

Lisa turned her face toward Leo. Her dark eyes were sparkling with amusement when she said, “Let him sleep. He’s had a long day.”

With a little snort, Leo glanced back at Brett. “Doesn’t he always?”

The thin smile of the moon hanging above the ocean was more than enough to reveal a few silver threads at Brett’s temples, as well as the darker shadows under his eyes. Brett had always worked hard for the club—and always played hard, too, with two lovers to come home to.

Two weeks away from turning forty, it might be time for him to slow down before he burned out.

“Any luck on convincing him to get an assistant?” Leo asked, glancing at Lisa again.

“Don’t need an assistant,” Brett muttered, slurring the words.

His eyelids batted open, and he turned his face toward Leo. His hand rose to rest on top of Leo’s on his chest. He brushed his thumb against the ring on Leo’s fourth finger, a gesture that had become familiar since Brett had offered the rings to Leo and Lisa.

“Yes, you do,” Lisa said, her tone implying she would suffer no contradiction. “You’ve needed an assistant for years, and it’s time to admit it.”

“It’s time because I’m getting old, you mean.”

Leo couldn’t help chuckling at that. When Brett threw him a wounded look, Leo patted his chest.

“You’re cute when you pout,” he said. “And you’re funny when you pull the age card on us. You’ve always worked too much. You’ve got the money to hire an assistant. Why not do it?”

Brett shrugged.

“Because he’s too stubborn by half for his own good,” Lisa said. “That’s why.”

Brett started to make sputtering noises, but they faded to nothing when Lisa stood and stretched her arms high above her head. With moonlight cascading over her curves, she resembled a marble statue come to life, her blond hair turned silver.

Leo didn’t know whether to watch her familiar-but-always-breathtaking beauty or turn to Brett instead, watch him as he watched her, his love and desire engraved on his face as if in stone.

“Now,” Lisa said, stepping closer until she was standing over Brett, hands on her hips and one foot on either side of his thighs. “Are you sure there’s nothing we can do to convince you?”

Brett’s mouth opened and closed a few times, mouthing words that never formed. Against his thigh, his cock was twitching back to life after their earlier games. Leo slid his hand from Brett’s chest to his hardening length and caressed it with his fingertips.

“Lisa asked you a question,” he said in a mock whisper. “You should answer her so we can move on to things a bit more exciting than a future assistant.”

Brett touched Lisa’s legs, stroking up and down her calves. He licked his lips and said in a low voice, “Well, I guess you could convince me, yes.”

Leo firmed his touch, wrapping his fingers around Brett’s dick and squeezing gently. At the same time, Lisa lowered herself onto Brett’s lap.

“So what do we have to do to convince you?” she asked, her words vibrating like a purr.

She leaned forward, supporting herself on one forearm, and the peaking points of her nipples came within an inch of trailing over Brett’s chest. Brett arched under her, raising his chest to meet hers, but she moved back, remaining out of reach. Leo clucked his tongue.

“No cheating,” he admonished, and ducked his head to rake his teeth over Brett’s bicep, drawing a hiss from him. “The lady asked you a question, and you still haven’t answered.”

Brett’s eyes, burning with need, flicked between Leo and Lisa, then closed.

“Fine. Promise me you two won’t make a big deal out of my birthday, and I’ll run an ad to find an assistant.”

Lisa’s gaze turned to Leo, her raised eyebrow asking what he thought. When he said, “No deal,” he spoke with complete conviction for Lisa too. They’d spent a long time searching for the perfect gift for Brett, and while they still needed to finalize a few things, they were going all out for this birthday. They wouldn’t change their plans now.

Brett opened his eyes again, looked at each of them in turn, Lisa above him and Leo at his side, and sighed. “I’m too late, huh? What are you scheming now?”

“Nothing,” Leo and Lisa answered at the same moment, and Brett laughed.

“Why don’t I believe… Oh…”

His protest died when Leo held his cock straight up as Lisa shifted forward and down. Leo teased them both, rubbing the tip of Brett’s cock against Lisa’s clit then leading it to trace her wet folds.

They both groaned, ready for more. Leading Brett’s glistening cock to the entrance to Lisa’s body, Leo watched intently as she bore down, and released Brett at the last second so that she could take all of their lover’s length inside her.

Leo rested his cheek on Brett’s chest, so close to his heart that he could hear it accelerate right along with Lisa’s thrusting motions.

He had the best view: looking straight down, he could see their joined bodies, Lisa’s flesh engulfing Brett’s cock and releasing it again, coming close to slipping too far and losing it completely. If he looked up, he could see Lisa’s breasts bouncing in the moonlight, begging for touch. He could have offered it himself, but he pulled back instead, moving up so he could murmur in Brett’s ear.

“Touch her.”

Brett raised his hands before Leo had even finished speaking. His palms cupped Lisa’s perfect mounds, squeezing lightly. Lisa threw her head back, her lips parted in a deep sigh. She covered Brett’s fingers with her own and tightened his hold. At the same moment, her thrusting shifted, and she started to gyrate her hips, keeping Brett seated at the core of her.

“You two are so beautiful,” Leo whispered, confiding to Brett but knowing full well that Lisa would hear every word. “When I look at you two like this, I can never decide if I’d rather watch or join in.”

Lisa laughed, the sound as bright as chimes bouncing over the waves. She looked down at the two of them. Flames danced in her eyes.

“Liar,” she said in a sing-song voice. “The only thing you have trouble deciding is which of us you want to fuck.”

Brett’s laugh ended in a groan when Lisa stopped rotating her hips and resumed her up and down thrusts.

“She knows you too well,” Brett managed to gasp, glancing at Leo.

They both had a point; Leo couldn’t deny it. Lisa and he had been sired within days of each other by the same vampire, and they had lived and hunted together for decades before parting ways. When Leo had come back to her, he was surprised to find her attached to a human. He was just as surprised to be welcomed into their beds, their lives—and their hearts. Had he needed to choose one of them over the other, he’d have been incapable of making a decision.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to.

Earlier that night, he’d fucked Lisa while she gave Brett a rather enthusiastic blowjob. Leo had always liked some symmetry in his life…

Sitting up, he pressed a kiss to Lisa’s shoulder, and followed that light touch with his fangs, leaving two short, bloodless scratches on her skin. They’d be healed before the three of them left the cliff to return home.

“Did you decide?” she asked, her words uneven and full of laughter.

Rather than answering, Leo knelt beside Brett’s head, his legs parted widely, his fist wrapped over his cock and stroking in a lazy rhythm. Lisa would have a lovely view; she’d always enjoyed watching. They all did, to some degree. In a relationship such as theirs, it helped things a great deal.

Brett was already licking his lips when Leo wrapped his free hand around the back of his head, supporting it.

“Bet you still taste like her,” Brett mumbled a second before his mouth parted over the tip of Leo’s cock.

Leo fed it to him one inch at a time, shifting gradually closer until wet warmth engulfed all of him.

“Mmm, very nice,” Lisa purred, reaching over to caress Leo’s shoulder and down his arm. “Very, very pretty.”

The gagging sound rising from Brett’s throat created very interesting vibrations over Leo’s cock. He hummed in appreciation and threw a glance at Lisa.

“I think he’s objecting to being called pretty,” he said.

While her movements had slowed for a few seconds, Lisa now started to raise and lower her body onto Brett’s cock faster once more.

“Men,” she said, chuckling breathlessly. “A nice girl on your cock, a pretty dick in your mouth, and you still find something to complain about.”

Brett mumbled again, mouthing words against sensitive flesh and causing sparks to burst through Leo’s mind like firecrackers.

“And now he says he’s not complaining,” Leo translated, trying to keep his tone even when all he wanted was to moan instead. “He’s saying he’s got everything he ever wanted, and the only way his life could be better would be if we found him an assistant to manage the club so he can stay upstairs with us 24/7.”

Before Leo even finished, Brett was already protesting, his bright green eyes glaring but his sucking more intense. Lisa laughed again, her pace faster still as she all but bounced on Brett’s cock. Glaring or not, he took one of her hands to help her keep her balance and their fingers entwined together.

Nothing could have been more erotic than the sight of her breasts, one of them still covered by Brett’s kneading fingers, or the rhythmic, wet slap of flesh against flesh. Nothing, that was, except for the smell of them.

So close to the ocean, brine and salt were overpowering, but at that moment all Leo could smell was Lisa’s arousal, combined with Brett’s and his own. Their scents together had become as familiar to him as his own by itself, a jumble so complex he couldn’t have begun to explain it in words. This was what home smelled like. Family. Love.

Leo’s left hand was still supporting Brett’s head. He lifted the right one and reached out to Lisa, touching the crook of her neck, with his thumb resting over her bite marks.

She gasped when he scratched the marks with his nail, and as she slammed her hips down harder Brett moaned, sending one more flash of heat through Leo. The three of them were a circle, and every bit of pleasure one of them felt was shared and amplified by the others.

The first time the three of them had slept in the same bed, it had been about sex and little more. Things had changed, though. After fifteen years together, after the rings Brett had given them five years ago, after Lisa, without so much as a word of explanation, had started wearing her ring on the fourth finger of her left hand the way Leo did, they were as close as three people could ever be.

So close that, when pleasure took one of them, that night like so many others before, they all soared, and Leo would have been hard pressed to say who had come first.

He struggled to keep his eyes open as pleasure crashed through his body like the waves crashed against the stone cliff below. He wanted to watch them; they were always so beautiful when they let go, he didn’t know where to look.

Lisa still knelt astride Brett, her breasts heaving with fast breaths she didn’t need, her mouth open on a long, deep moan, one hand resting on top of Leo’s at her neck, the other now entwined with Brett’s on his stomach.

Brett’s eyes were half-closed in bliss, his parted lips stained with Leo’s come like his neck and chest; Leo’s cock had slipped from his mouth when Brett arched up to meet Lisa’s last thrust.

They held on to each other, connected by more than flesh and pleasure. They only returned home when lightning strikes over the ocean and the distant rumble of thunder announced a coming storm.

… continued in Beyond The Edge

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