The Last Sunset

When she first met vampires Blake and Marc, Kate couldn’t imagine falling in love with two men; after five years of fighting demons by their side, she can’t imagine not loving them both. Tonight, she plans to become theirs for good, and make them hers forever.

LENGTH – 8.000 words / 14 pages in PDF


RATING – Sizzling

NOTE – Sequel to the Blurred Trilogy. This short story first appeared in the charity anthology Shades of Pink in 2013.

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5 Responses to 'The Last Sunset'

  1. Patricia Kasner says:

    lopve your books

  2. c says:

    Dear Kallysten,
    I love your books!!! Especially the ones about vampires.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love your book!!!. But I am fond of your vampire books. especially the ones about vampires. I
    especially The books you wrote about Ward of the Vampire. I had to have them all. I beleive there were 4 of them.See if you can write some more like these!LOVE `em.

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