Excerpt from His Sire’s New Rules

Many things had changed in Tyler’s life in the past couple of days, things he’d never imagined before he first entered Alan and Jeremy’s apartment.

He was still wrapping his mind around some of those changes, like the fact that he’d just fucked Jeremy. He’d never done that before, not on the giving end of the equation, and to have done it not with anyone but with Jeremy… He’d had Jeremy’s cock inside him many times, but he’d been sure the reverse would never be true. He’d made his peace with that. Now, he could only wonder whether he’d be allowed to do it again—and whether Jeremy would be permitted to come with him then.

Other things were a lot easier to get used to, like the guest bathroom and its shower, which dispensed apparently infinite amounts of hot water. Considering the house where Tyler lived with his squadron had water restrictions and a rotation schedule for showers, standing under the hot spray of water without worrying it might soon turn ice-cold was a luxury he quite enjoyed.

A luxury compounded when, after Tyler had let the water hit the back of his neck for mere moments, Jeremy joined him. As surprises went, it was a very pleasant one.
Welcoming Jeremy with a smile and open arms, Tyler started to ask, “Did Alan—” but he couldn’t finish his question, not with Jeremy’s mouth pressing against his own, claiming it and commanding his entire attention.

Before they’d ever acted a BDSM scene as Dom and sub, before Tyler had even managed to articulate what it was he wanted exactly—not that Jeremy hadn’t known before that but he hadn’t done anything until Tyler asked for it—they’d kissed every time they met, concealed in a corner of their usual bar, Jeremy pressing Tyler against the wall and making him lightheaded and weak in the knees with nothing more than kisses, nothing more than his tongue sliding sensuously along Tyler’s lips then inside his mouth, sometimes caressing his palate and tongue in slow, gentle movements, sometimes deliberately fucking his mouth with his tongue like nothing else but them existed until Tyler was moaning and begging for more.

They were back to those end-of-the-world kisses today, Jeremy’s hands cradling Tyler’s face as he pushed him against the cold tiles behind him. Tyler’s eyes fluttered closed, and he couldn’t think of anything but Jeremy’s mouth; couldn’t even think of touching Jeremy, his body bare and warm from the water cascading over them both.

When Jeremy’s right hand slipped down to curl around Tyler’s reawakening cock, Tyler gasped, ending the kiss. Breathing hard, he blinked several times until his vision cleared and he could see Jeremy’s dark, hungry gaze.

“I’ve got to—” Tyler started to protest, but Jeremy shushed him with a cluck of his tongue, and Tyler fell silent.

It was always too easy to respond to Jeremy’s orders, even when Tyler knew he’d get in trouble if he was late for patrol. How much time did he even have before he had to report for duty? What if—

Jeremy clucked his tongue again, this time adding a warning in the form of a tight squeeze to Tyler’s balls.

“Stop,” he demanded in a low voice. “Whatever you’re thinking about, stop. You’ll be out of here in time. Trust me.”

Tyler took in a deep breath. As he released it, he let go of his questions and worries and slipped into a familiar state of mind, even more easily achieved for the fact that he’d spent the evening on his knees. Trust Jeremy. He could do that. He already did.

“There you go,” Jeremy said quietly.

He gave two light tugs to Tyler’s cock before letting go and taking hold of his hips with both hands. He maneuvered Tyler around until he faced the wall, his hands flat on the tiles, the shower head directly above him. A thrill ran through Tyler as he realized Jeremy was about to fuck him when Tyler was still slick from Alan coming inside him a little while earlier.

A thought tried to intrude on his excitement: did they have permission to do this? Was Jeremy finally permitted to achieve an orgasm after being denied for so long?

He pushed the questions away. It wasn’t his place to wonder about that. Jeremy was in charge, and Tyler obeyed. It was that simple. And he liked that things were that simple.

A gentle hand sliding down his back ended with a sharp slap to his ass. Tyler hummed as a flash of heat coursed through him and dropped his head.

“Spread your legs,” Jeremy demanded.

Tyler obeyed before Jeremy had even finished voicing the command and was rewarded with another slap for his alacrity. Heaving a contented sigh at the jolt of sensations, he pushed his ass out a little further into Jeremy’s petting hand.

“Greedy,” Jeremy accused good-naturedly. “You had Alan’s cock up your ass not half an hour ago and you already want more?”

“I want whatever you want to give me,” Tyler said. “I always do.”

Jeremy let out a brief chuckle. “I know you do. Have this, then.”

On his last words, he slipped a finger down the crack of Tyler’s ass, teasing his opening with a fingertip.

“How much do you enjoy Alan’s cock?” he asked.

With the distraction of that elusive finger, brushing against him without quite entering him, Tyler needed a few seconds to make sense of the question.

“A lot?” he finally said, unable to keep the hesitation from his voice. “He has a nice dick. And so do you.”

Without thinking, he bucked back against Jeremy’s hand, trying—and failing—to draw his finger inside him. Jeremy’s dark laugh sent a shiver down his spine.

“Nice, huh? That’s one word for it. But the look on your face while he was fucking you?” Two fingers finally pressed in. “Oh, that was a lot more than nice, let me tell you. You always wear what you feel on your face, like an open book. So very pretty.”

Tyler would have protested at the word; he wasn’t pretty; handsome, maybe, but definitely not pretty. It proved difficult to form a coherent sentence, however, when Jeremy’s fingers retreated, and were soon replaced by—

He jerked in surprise at the new unexpected touch, soft yet unyielding, wet but a different kind of wet from the water cascading over them. He tried to turn around to see, to check that he wasn’t imagining things, that it was indeed Jeremy’s tongue flicking over his opening, teasing it the same way his finger had a moment ago. That soft touch retreated, however, and Jeremy clucked his tongue.

“Face the wall,” he demanded in a quiet but strong voice. “Don’t move or I’ll stop.”

Jerkily, Tyler shifted back into position, his entire body tensing as he waited for Jeremy’s tongue to return. He screwed his eyes tightly shut and tried to picture what was happening. Was Jeremy kneeling down behind him? Or was he bending over? Tyler simply couldn’t figure it out, not when Jeremy’s tongue was back on him and short-circuiting his brain. His world was narrowing down to sensations, to the firm hands holding his ass cheeks apart and the wet pressure against his opening.

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