When Angelina decides to put some distance between Morgan and herself, she is certain it is the right thing to do. It isn’t fear of his vampire fangs that motivates her, nor the fact that she’s been maneuvered into his life by Morgan’s meddling family, but rather the realization that he needs time to be ready for a relationship.

Her certainty that this is the correct course of action doesn’t last long.

Between nosy friends, regular text messages, impromptu lunches at the mansion and an invitation to have tea with Miss Delilah and the blood-chilling Irene, her resolve is quickly tested. And when she’s offered a private flight to the nearest thing to paradise on Earth to save Morgan from himself, she can’t say no anymore.

This trip, however, turns out much different from what she expected…

LENGTH – 33.500 words / 76 PDF pages



NOTE – This ebook is a sequel to Ward of the Vampire, which is available for free from select retailers, My Reluctant Warden, Awkward Holidays and The Coward’s Way Out.

BONUS – Check my blog for ‘bonus’ content like comic pages and text conversations.

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