Free Monthly Story – One Last Lullaby

One Last Lullaby is a sequel to Fangs & Lullabies and Demons & Lullabies. These two books focus on two vampires, Andrew and Nicholas, as they raise a child, Jacob, from birth into adulthood. One Last Lullaby focuses on a grown-up Jacob as he struggles to find love.

I post a new chapter every month on the 15th. To keep to this schedule, I skip the last round of edits my editor usually does on my freebies. We’ll tidy things up when the story is complete. I hope you’ll excuse any mistakes that find their way into the text and that they won’t prevent you from enjoying this story. If you have any thoughts or comments along the way, I’m always happy to hear from readers :)

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 1 – As an old ‘friend’ returns to town, Jacob has to come to grip with his feelings while trying to convince everyone that no, he is not heartbroken.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 2 – Kirsten makes a new friend… and Jacob finds a distraction.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 3 – When the agency has to deal with four demons at once, Jacob has to decide whom he wants by his side…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 4 – With Rachel hurt, Jacob’s first instinct is to turn to Kirsten. But will she be there for him?

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 5 – Three years later, Jacob still dreams of one dreadful conversation. Does Kirsten still think of it too?

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 6 – Jacob takes Rachel home… and Nicholas sees trouble coming.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 7 – After Jacob spends the entire day with Rachel, Kirsten is less than pleasant to him. (Side note – while I plot and outline my regular stories, for my monthly freebies I am a complete ‘pantser’, and make things along from week to week… sometimes with oopses! I realized that I had Andrew and Nicholas in bed in both chapter5 and chapter 6 even though it is the same night, so I had to fix it…by writing what happens in between those two previous scenes ;)  )

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 8 – Jacob tries to be calm and reasonable when he talks to Kirsten…but it only works up to a point…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 9 – As fast as Jacob runs, he can’t seem to leave Kirsten behind, and neither can she…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 10 – As Jacob and Kirsten face two demons, she does her spell and… well, something happens but it might not have been what she hoped for…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 11 – “Where the hell are we?” is the question of the day…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 12 – Communication issues, both in the demon dimension and on Earth…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 13 – It’s all about magic and who can do which spells.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 14 – Morning in the demon world, late night on Earth…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 15 – Kirsten plays nurse and what do you mean, you were gone a week?

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 16 – Jacob and Kirsten meet a new friend…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 17 – …and that friend is not so friendly…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 18 – Kirsten gets a fright, and Jacob gets troubling ideas…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 19 – [Again, my apologies for being a month late. the result of some personal issues and the difficulty of writing the fight in this chapter, with which I'm still not satisfied, BTW. I hope I haven't lost all my readers...]

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 20 – Secrets revealed…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 21 – Going home at last.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 22 – Negociations and threats…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 23 – Apparently everyone knew before Kirsten and Jacob did…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 24 – Kirsten finds a second breath while Jacob starts to drift…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 25 – Andrew and Nicholas like to interfere in their son’s life… what else is new?

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 26 – Kirsten finally confronts Jacob about why he’s avoiding her.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 27 – Together at last.

Epilogue coming on October 15th…



23 Responses to 'Free Monthly Story – One Last Lullaby'

  1. Carnell says:

    OMG, that was amazing! I LOVED it. So much things have changed. Damn. Hope we get to know what have happened. And I felt bad for Jacob, really and wonder if you will give them a second chance or if you will give him another lover. I know, I know. I. Will. See.

    But I have to complain, how could you stop your story there, I mean, I was so glad to see Andrew with Nicholas, they’re so much fun acting like they don’t care about each other…it could have been fun to see them together a little more in their bedroom… :P

    And I really like the cover.

    Cannot wait for the next chapter ;)

    • Kallysten says:

      You’ll get to know some of what happened in future chapters, and there’ll be more about Jacob and Kirsten’s early courtship (and prom!) in Demons & Lullabies.

      And I stopped there because, as is becoming widely known, I am an absolute TEASE :P It’s Jacob’s story after all… but we might give his dads a bit more action at some point ;)

      Thank you so much for your comment, I’m really glad you like this!

  2. Heather says:

    I repeat: Ooh!

    I so love this family an am so happy to see them back, even if my heart is aching right now.

  3. Adriana ME says:

    Poor Jacob, what did happen between him and Kristen?
    and Andrew and Nicholas hot as ever!
    I love this, and of course I want to know more,
    I’m impatiently waiting for April to come.

    Thank you for this.

  4. Susan says:

    One word: WOW!!!!

  5. Madame D says:

    I loved it!! Can’t wait for more….

  6. Adriana ME says:

    Ohhh, that last chapter!
    June 15th is so far away…

  7. Adriana ME says:

    How could you leave us like that!?
    Suffering until December to know what happened… mean, mean teasing Kally.

  8. Carnell says:

    chapter 9. Loved it. As always. Thank you!!!
    Also is it weird that I am now shipping Jacob and Rachel?

  9. jan says:

    what a chapter. totally waiting for the next. Though I like Rachel still rooting for Kirsten :)

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Wow… what a way to leave us hanging … can’t wait for January!
    Hope you’re having a fantastic holiday season!

  11. Carnell says:

    Loved this chapter. Cannot wait to know what happened to Jacob and Kirsten. Thank you :)

  12. Carnell says:

    Chapter 11, I’m so loving it. Cannot wait for the next installment :)
    Thank you.

  13. jan says:

    andrew so takes nick for granted. I love them to bits but I feel like if nick leaves he wont care :(. but they are still the best couple ever!

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