Free Monthly Story – One Last Lullaby

One Last Lullaby is a sequel to Fangs & Lullabies and Demons & Lullabies. These two books focus on two vampires, Andrew and Nicholas, as they raise a child, Jacob, from birth into adulthood. One Last Lullaby focuses on a grown-up Jacob as he struggles to find love.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 1 – As an old ‘friend’ returns to town, Jacob has to come to grip with his feelings while trying to convince everyone that no, he is not heartbroken.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 2 – Kirsten makes a new friend… and Jacob finds a distraction.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 3 – When the agency has to deal with four demons at once, Jacob has to decide whom he wants by his side…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 4 – With Rachel hurt, Jacob’s first instinct is to turn to Kirsten. But will she be there for him?

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 5 – Three years later, Jacob still dreams of one dreadful conversation. Does Kirsten still think of it too?

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 6 – Jacob takes Rachel home… and Nicholas sees trouble coming.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 7 – After Jacob spends the entire day with Rachel, Kirsten is less than pleasant to him. (Side note – while I plot and outline my regular stories, for my monthly freebies I am a complete ‘pantser’, and make things along from week to week… sometimes with oopses! I realized that I had Andrew and Nicholas in bed in both chapter5 and chapter 6 even though it is the same night, so I had to fix it…by writing what happens in between those two previous scenes ;)  )

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 8 – Jacob tries to be calm and reasonable when he talks to Kirsten…but it only works up to a point…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 9 – As fast as Jacob runs, he can’t seem to leave Kirsten behind, and neither can she…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 10 – As Jacob and Kirsten face two demons, she does her spell and… well, something happens but it might not have been what she hoped for…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 11 – “Where the hell are we?” is the question of the day…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 12 – Communication issues, both in the demon dimension and on Earth…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 13 – It’s all about magic and who can do which spells.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 14 – Morning in the demon world, late night on Earth…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 15 – Kirsten plays nurse and what do you mean, you were gone a week?

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 16 – Jacob and Kirsten meet a new friend…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 17 – …and that friend is not so friendly…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 18 – Kirsten gets a fright, and Jacob gets troubling ideas…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 19 – [Again, my apologies for being a month late. the result of some personal issues and the difficulty of writing the fight in this chapter, with which I’m still not satisfied, BTW. I hope I haven’t lost all my readers…]

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 20 – Secrets revealed…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 21 – Going home at last.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 22 – Negociations and threats…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 23 – Apparently everyone knew before Kirsten and Jacob did…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 24 – Kirsten finds a second breath while Jacob starts to drift…

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 25 – Andrew and Nicholas like to interfere in their son’s life… what else is new?

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 26 – Kirsten finally confronts Jacob about why he’s avoiding her.

One Last Lullaby - Chapter 27 – Together at last.

One Last Lullaby - Epilogue – Kirsten comes up with a spell…

And we’re done… at least for this first draft. I hope you enjoyed the ride despite its flaws and would love to know what you thought of it!



25 Responses to 'Free Monthly Story – One Last Lullaby'

  1. Carnell says:

    OMG, that was amazing! I LOVED it. So much things have changed. Damn. Hope we get to know what have happened. And I felt bad for Jacob, really and wonder if you will give them a second chance or if you will give him another lover. I know, I know. I. Will. See.

    But I have to complain, how could you stop your story there, I mean, I was so glad to see Andrew with Nicholas, they’re so much fun acting like they don’t care about each other…it could have been fun to see them together a little more in their bedroom… :P

    And I really like the cover.

    Cannot wait for the next chapter ;)

    • Kallysten says:

      You’ll get to know some of what happened in future chapters, and there’ll be more about Jacob and Kirsten’s early courtship (and prom!) in Demons & Lullabies.

      And I stopped there because, as is becoming widely known, I am an absolute TEASE :P It’s Jacob’s story after all… but we might give his dads a bit more action at some point ;)

      Thank you so much for your comment, I’m really glad you like this!

  2. Heather says:

    I repeat: Ooh!

    I so love this family an am so happy to see them back, even if my heart is aching right now.

  3. Adriana ME says:

    Poor Jacob, what did happen between him and Kristen?
    and Andrew and Nicholas hot as ever!
    I love this, and of course I want to know more,
    I’m impatiently waiting for April to come.

    Thank you for this.

  4. Susan says:

    One word: WOW!!!!

  5. Madame D says:

    I loved it!! Can’t wait for more….

  6. Adriana ME says:

    Ohhh, that last chapter!
    June 15th is so far away…

  7. Adriana ME says:

    How could you leave us like that!?
    Suffering until December to know what happened… mean, mean teasing Kally.

  8. Carnell says:

    chapter 9. Loved it. As always. Thank you!!!
    Also is it weird that I am now shipping Jacob and Rachel?

  9. jan says:

    what a chapter. totally waiting for the next. Though I like Rachel still rooting for Kirsten :)

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Wow… what a way to leave us hanging … can’t wait for January!
    Hope you’re having a fantastic holiday season!

  11. Carnell says:

    Loved this chapter. Cannot wait to know what happened to Jacob and Kirsten. Thank you :)

  12. Carnell says:

    Chapter 11, I’m so loving it. Cannot wait for the next installment :)
    Thank you.

  13. jan says:

    andrew so takes nick for granted. I love them to bits but I feel like if nick leaves he wont care :(. but they are still the best couple ever!

  14. jan says:

    loved it! a great read. could you also write more about andrew and nick in the years jacob went to school or when they first met? loved the rose story

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