Bloodchild (QuickSilver Codex #3)

Five days. That’s how long Vivien has to prepare for the first of three magic duels against Rhuinn, the usurper king of Foh’Ran. She challenged him to the duels not because she wants the throne, although it is her birthright, but because she blames him for the death of Brad – one of her bodyguards, and the man she loves.

Except that Brad is alive again… or the next best thing. His brother Aedan, rather than losing him, broke all customs and made him a vampire like himself, a decision that might cost him dearly when his own Maker confronts him.

Vivien’s joy over not losing Brad, however, might have to be hampered when Aedan’s disapproval of their relationship takes a new turn. Brad’s new vampire instincts are strong, and his hunger for blood is hard – if not impossible – to control. The two brothers swore an oath to protect Vivien, but one of them might be the greatest threat to her safety… at least for the next five days…

LENGTH – 65.000 words



Part 3 of the QuickSilver Codex series, which is best read in order.


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