Excerpt – Ensemble

Pleasure was already rising inside me, its flames growing stronger twice as fast with two mouths and two pairs of hands playing me like an instrument. It proved difficult, an exercise in self-control, but I managed to tug on their hair until they both lifted their mouths off me, their fingers stilling together against my pussy. I’d had enough standing sex the previous night. I wanted more than that.

“Bed,” I said very low, a command rather than a request. “Take your clothes off first.”

Releasing them, I pulled back and climbed onto the bed myself. I sat on the edge then moved upward to the center of the bed without taking my eyes off them, even when I leaned back on my elbows.

Apparently, Rachid didn’t like anyone undressing without his help, not just me. Oliver stood passive under his hands as Rachid tugged his tie loose, then unbuttoned his vest. While he turned away to set both on the chair in the corner of the room, Oliver unbuckled his belt.

Coming back to him, Rachid clucked his tongue and batted his hands away to undo Oliver’s trousers. He didn’t push them down, however, and instead tugged Oliver’s shirt out, unbuttoning it from the bottom up. There was an easiness to his gestures, a familiarity that hinted he’d done this very same thing many times before.

I could almost have felt like an intruder upon a private moment if, after throwing me a quick look, Rachid hadn’t guided Oliver slightly to the side where I had a better view once the shirt came off and revealed his chest. A twin of the silver ring that adorned Rachid’s left nipple gleamed on Oliver’s right, and under my watchful gaze, Rachid flicked it a few times with his thumb.

“Mmm, nice,” I purred. “Do you match everywhere?”

Rachid flashed me a smile that was pure deviousness. He slipped behind Oliver, both his arms encircling him so he could work at the fastenings of his pants over the obscene bulge that ruined their tailored line. Oliver gave out a tiny sigh but said nothing, allowing Rachid to slowly draw his cock out once he’d opened the zipper. As he pushed Oliver’s trousers and briefs down, leaving his cock to stand proud and erect in front of him, I purred again at the sight.

Oliver’s and Rachid’s intimate jewelry didn’t match, no, but they complemented each other. The ring threaded through the tip of Oliver’s cock was thicker than Rachid’s, while three thinner, smaller rings were lined down his sac, echoing the slim tabs that decorated Rachid’s. I had a chance to compare even better when Rachid undressed in record time—it seemed his ‘unwrapping presents’ theory only applied to others—and stood next to Oliver.

Their bodies were similar enough, broad-shouldered without being too imposing, with Rachid’s abs a little better defined, maybe. Next to Rachid’s olive complexion, Oliver seemed even paler, though it wasn’t the kind of pale that made one think of lack of sun or sickness; instead, his skin had the pale flawlessness of marble.

I thought Oliver’s cock might be a little longer, maybe, Rachid’s a little thicker, but I didn’t get to see them side by side unhindered for very long. Already, their bodies were turning toward each other, their arms wrapping around each other, and their mouths, which only moments ago had been focused entirely on me, were now sharing a sensual kiss.

… continued in Ensemble

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