Anando’s Journey

It starts with one spin on the dance floor, one night like many other nights: vampire Anando takes new prey to his bed, takes her body and her blood.

But one dance turns into two, two nights turn into three, then more. Inviting others to join them only draws them closer. Virginia isn’t just prey any longer. Bedroom games give way to feelings. And Anando, confronted with his deepest fear, has to choose between clinging to the past or moving on to a future with a human lover, a child… and maybe even a Childe.


LENGTH – 210.000 words

PAIRING – Main pairing is M/F. Also included M/F/M, M/M, M/M/F, M/M/F/M/F

RATING – Sizzling

NOTE – This set gathers the following novel-length works Out of the Box, Living Out of the Box, Beyond the Edge. Also included as a bonus is the ‘deleted scene’ Between the Boxes, which is not available anywhere else at this time.


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