In Full Sunlight (Vampire Delights #5)

Cover for In Full SunlightIs this vampire ménage doomed before it even truly started?

I am done. When this adventure started, I wasn’t looking for love from one man, let alone two, and I certainly wasn’t looking for the headaches and heartache that come with lies and jealousy. I gave my trust too easily, and Florian proved it was a mistake.

Lesson learned. I’ll be better on my own.

Won’t I?

My vampire family seems determined to convince me otherwise. And my treacherous heart yearns for Florian and Damon despite the pain my mind fears.

Should I give this relationship another chance, or is it too late?

LENGTH – 18.100 words

PAIRING – M/F/M and M/M/F scenes.

RATING – sexy

NOTE – This ebook is the final part of the Vampire Delights Serial. It features characters that have appeared in Ward of the Vampire and Serenade, but it’s not necessary to read those serials to understand this story.

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