A Kiss of Blood

Excerpt from A Kiss of Blood


Deidra finished tying the end of her braid with a leather lace before she turned to the door and offered Tristen a nod.

“I’m ready. Are you? Because today is the day I best you.”

He laughed and pushed away from the open door. He had been leaning against it for a little while, observing her as she brushed then braided her hair. A few of the other Childer had advised her to cut it short; that way, it wouldn’t get in her way while she fought. But Tristen hadn’t told her to cut it, and he was her guide into this new existence. (more…)

A Kiss of Blood

Cover for A Kiss of Blood - a sweet vampire short story by KallystenAll Deidra wanted was a family.

Instead of a husband and children however, fate gives her a Sire, a clan, and a village she is sworn to protect from beastly demons. It also gives her Tristen, who teaches her what it means to be a vampire—and what it means to love.

When her duties to her village conflict with her Sire’s orders, she has to choose which part of her family is the most important. And Tristen, confronted with her disappearance, also needs to decide where his loyalties lie.

LENGTH – 17.700 words / 37 PDF pages



RATING – Sweet

NOTE – This ebook is part of The Vampire Pacts Series but is a complete standalone.

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