Excerpt from Anterograde

“You are a complete asshole,” Eli said as he stormed into Calden’s house. “Do you even realize that? Is that something you can comprehend?”

It took him no time to find Calden, sprawled on the sofa in his boxers and dressing gown, an arm curled over his face like a swooning regency heroine, his dark hair untamed and wild.

“I don’t know if I comprehend,” Calden said, his voice muffled by his elbow, “but I’ve been told often enough. What did I do this time?”

“What did—”

Eli bit back a curse and stood by the sofa. His glaring was completely lost on Calden, who still hid behind his arm.

“You know damn well what you did!” he exploded. (more…)


When Calden wakes up – every time he wakes up – the last thing he can recall is a debilitating headache that even his medical background failed to identify as anything more serious than a regular headache. He also remembers his decision to ignore the fact that his best friend Eli is married and to tell him about his long-standing feelings for him. He remembers June second.

But it is not June second anymore. The tattoos on his arm and chest prove it. They also tell him why he doesn’t remember anything past June second… and why Eli sleeps in his bed now.

When Calden wakes up – every time he wakes up – he gets to discover Eli is in love with him for the first time all over again.

– 62.800 words / about 100 PDF pages




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