Aria & Will

Aria and Will

Cover for Aria & WillIn a near-apocalyptic world, humans and vampires are allied against savage demons from a parallel dimension that relentlessly attack their cities.

In the fortified town of Newhaven, Wilhelm, a centuries-old vampire, has been fighting for so long and has lost so much that he’s not sure he remembers why he fights anymore. After a chance meeting with the human child Ariadne, he keeps a close eye on her, and makes sure she remains safe. Watching her grow up reminds him of his purpose and gives a face to the humans he tries to protect with renewed vigor.

As years pass, however, and Aria becomes a young woman, then a fierce fighter, his protectiveness slowly turns into something deeper. Refusing to grow too close to her, he places a young vampire onto her path and takes a step back.

From the moment she lost her father to the demons as a child, Aria knew she’d pick up a sword someday, and join the fight, regardless of her family’s disapproval. She just hadn’t expected Will, a close advisor to the Guard’s Commander, to disapprove as well. Nor had she expected to find out that he has feelings for her… or realize that she returns them.

With danger and death lurking out of every shadow, can they find a way to be together before their time runs out?

LENGTH – 51.000 words / 150 pages in print

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RATING – Sweet

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Excerpt from Aria and Will

The child couldn’t have been more than ten or eleven years old, yet she advanced through the centuries-old cemetery as boldly as though it had been a playground. She stumbled sometimes, her foot catching on uneven ground or an almost buried tombstone, but she never fell, never slowed down, never ceased to look straight ahead. She couldn’t possibly be aware of much. The moonless sky only offered the cold light of the stars to guide her. Still, she walked on, determined as any general marching into battle that Wilhelm had ever observed.

He followed her at a distance, his attention divided between the strange child and her surroundings. The rhythm of her heart beat loud and steady in the emptiness of the night, and Wilhelm knew that if he could hear it, other vampires might as well. The last thing the city needed with the recent surge of demon attacks was for a vampire to kill a human child. Wilhelm had worked too hard to let that happen; he intended to make sure the girl was safe and home before long. (more…)

Five Valentines

Five ValentinesAn anthology of flashfiction stories featuring the characters from On The Edge, Forever Starts Now, Aria and Will, Carte Blanche, and CheckMate.

Four couples and one menage a trois.
Eight vampires and three humans.
Dozens of roses, a restaurant, two drawings, a diamond ring and a promise.
Five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
One love.

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Aria and Will: 10 Chapters

cover for Aria & Will part 1Sample chapters from Aria & Will.

The first ten chapters of Aria & Will, posted as a monthly free read from 2006 to 2008. Wilhelm meets a human child and watches her grow up and become a

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Part 1