Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Cover for Baby Steps - a baby romance by KallystenAs a Special Enforcer, Alexandra should know better than to get close to a vampire like Joseph, even if he saved her from certain death. The S.E. records name him as a likely killer, and his interest in her can’t possibly mean anything good. And so when her friends introduce her to a potential human boyfriend, she ignores her feelings for Joseph and demands that he leaves her alone.

Fed up with her games, Joseph takes her to her word and leaves Cleveland, intending to put as much distance as possible between them and forget her along with his feelings for her.

Two years later, though, when Joseph has to return to Cleveland, he still cares about Alexandra, much more than he would like. And Alexandra, single again and now a new mom to baby girl Marian, never managed to completely put Joseph out of her life and mind.

Step by step, Alexandra will offer Joseph her friendship before entrusting him with her life and her child’s. But will Joseph ever trust her again with his heart?

LENGTH – 125.000 words / about 320 PDF pages

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NOTE – This story is available as a podcast

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Excerpt from Baby Steps

Four days after the fact, I’m not sure what still surprises me most: that I asked Joseph to live with us, or that he agreed.

Honestly, I’m not sure where that impulse came from. I was upset about the food thing, but was I upset enough to be so careless as to invite a vampire to live with me a few days or a few weeks? No, it wasn’t carelessness or an impulsive reaction to my hurt pride. It was… it feels silly, but it was one of those “I have to follow my instincts” moments. (more…)

Baby Steps: 6 Chapters

Baby StepsSample chapters from Baby Steps

Alexandra asks the vampire Joseph to leave her alone; he does – and leaves town. When he returns two years later, neither of them wants to pick up things were they left them. And yet…

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First 6 chapters


Podcast: Baby Steps

All of Baby Steps podcast is now available. Due to technical difficulties, the audio quality of some latter files is unfortunately inconsistent.

You can download the episodes here and listen to them on your computer or MP3 player, or you can subscribe to the podcast and receive the new episodes as soon as they are released. (more…)