Biting The Vampire

Excerpt from Biting the Vampire

Darius slipped back into the water, settled down near me, and considered me for a moment.

“What gave me away?”

I gave an affected shrug.

“I told you, I’ve known a vampire before. And I have sort of a sixth sense in spotting you guys. You give me goose bumps.”

I rubbed my arms as though to demonstrate, although in truth I didn’t have goose bumps at that moment. I did like the way his eyes followed my movements, though.

“It’s a primordial reaction,” he said. “Hardwired into your mind for survival. You notice things subconsciously, and your fight-or-flight response puts it together even when you’re not aware of what you saw.”

On the one hand, it made perfect sense. On the other…

“Then why do I want to neither fight nor flee right now?” (more…)

Biting The Vampire

Darius is usually careful about allowing humans to find out he is a vampire. It helps that, with one locked gaze, he can control their minds. But there’s no need for mind control when Amara shows him she knows what he is: far from being afraid, she’s eager to talk to him, flirt with him… and get to know him intimately. Will she enjoy herself, however, when she discovers the kind of bedroom games he likes to play? Or will she run off before he can say ‘kink’?

LENGTH – 14.000 words


RATING – Sizzling/Erotica


Currently available exclusively as part of the Steamy & Dreamy box set.