Blurred Trilogy

Blurred Nights

cover for Blurred Nights - a vampire romance trilogy by Kallysten In a future world shattered by the invasion of beast-like demons, humans are fighting back as well as they can, using ancient weapons along with magic to defend their cities. Next to them, vampires are fighting too – some for the thrill of it, others to hold on to age-old Pacts, which demand that they protect humans.

When Kate’s squad of fighters meets vampires Marc and Blake, she is torn. Her squad could use their help, but the two men are distracting her from her duty. Night after night, they search together for the breach between realities that allows the demons’ invasion. They search, also, for the equilibrium that will allow Blake to forgive his Sire, Marc to accept Blake as he is – and Kate to admit she is attracted to both of them.

Can they find that delicate balance before the demons destroy the squad?

LENGTH – 61.000 words / 178 pages in print

EXCERPT – read an excerpt or download the first 4 chapters



Part 1 of the Blurred Trilogy, followed by Blurred Bloodlines and Blurred Memories. Also available as a bundle.

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Excerpt from Blurred Nights

The small bedroom door hadn’t finished closing behind them that Blake was pushing Marc against it, already tugging at his clothes. Marc started protesting at his roughness, but thought better of it. Two weeks had passed since Blake had decided that Marc was more interested in Kate than him. They had not slept apart for so long in quite a long time. As tired as he was, Marc certainly didn’t mind seeing an end to his forced celibacy.

Fumbling a little, he unzipped Blake’s jacket and pushed it off him before finding the edges of his t-shirt and tugging it over his head. Blake had gotten rid of Marc’s jacket and shirt already, leaving his chest bare, too. He leaned in close and trailed his mouth over Marc’s shoulder. A low, hungry growl rose from his chest. Later, Marc thought, weaving his fingers in Blake’s hair. Later, he would share blood with him, if Blake behaved himself. He tugged on the strands curled around his fingers, leading Blake down. To his surprise, Blake complied at once and licked a path over his collarbone and lower. He stopped over his left nipple, teasing it with blunt teeth until it was tight and hard. Sparks of pleasure shot through Marc’s body.


Podcast: excerpts

Snapdragons – Rhea lost her memories. Should she risk trying to get them back?

Carte Blanche – Grace, Special Enforcer and Dominant; Ray, vampire and
submissive. Sparks fly.

The Vampire’s Concubine – Aidan knows that Meriel’s sire ordered her to kill him.

Dancing – Virginia meets vampire Anando at the club On The Edge for a dance…
and more…

CheckMate – Lilia and Vincent get to know each other as Mates…before abruptly
awakening from the spell.

Forever Starts Now – Claire returns to the club to talk to the vampire who scared her the previous night.

Blurred Nights – Blake awakens to find that his Sire has already launched a seduction attack on Kate.

Christmas Magic – Hunter tries to understand what Cole wants from him.

You can download the excerpts and listen to them on your computer or MP3 player, or you can subscribe to the podcast and receive the new episodes as soon as they are released. (more…)

Blurred Nights: 4 Chapters

Sample chapters from Blurred Nights.

When Marc and his Childe Blake meet Kate and her group of human fighters in a ghost town, neither of them realizes she will change their lives – and they, hers.

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First 4 chapters


Blurred Bloodlines: 5 Chapters

Sample chapters from Blurred Bloodlines

Blake is one lucky vampire. He has the love and blood of the human fighter Kate, has never been closer to his Sire Marc, and is sure he will soon get them both together in his bed. Could it be all too good to last?

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First 5 chapters