Cover for CheckMateLilia is a vampire; Vincent hunts vampires. They’ve each sworn to kill the other, and have battled many times without either of them winning. But when a spell gone wrong links them through bonds of shared blood and sex, the game stops abruptly and with no clear winner.

Trying to stay alive, they learn to guard each other’s back against old and new enemies alike. The game takes a new turn as the memories of what they shared under the spell become too hard to ignore and they succumb to lust – or could it be more than that?

LENGTH – 66.000 words / 250 PDF pages



RATING – Sizzling

This book is temporarily off sale as it is being reworked.


Excerpt from CheckMate

Lilia was still a hundred yards or so from her goal when she saw him and knew that things wouldn’t go as planned. There was no mistaking that silhouette, a tall, lean man wearing a leather jacket even though the night wasn’t particularly cold, one hand in the jacket’s pocket, the other taking the red pinpoint of a cigarette to his lips and away in regular movements. No mistaking his scent either, when a light breeze carried it to Lilia. They had fought too often in the past for her not to recognize Vincent Jordan instantly. Too often, also, for her not to know that Nathanael would be pissed off. If Jordan was there, it undoubtedly meant that the clan’s newest recruit was dust already. There went the power Nathanael had been counting on.

Valentine’s Day Present

Cover for Valentine's Day
A free sequel to CheckMate

After Special Enforcer Vincent Jordan gets hurt on the job, he and his vampire Mate Lilia celebrate Valentine’s Day in a very unique way… No flowers for these lovers, and revenge is sweeter than chocolates.

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Lilia’s Lair

Lilia's lair
A glimpse at what the future holds for Vincent and Lilia, the heroes of CheckMate.

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Glass and Glitter

cover for Glass and Glitter
Another peek at Vincent and Lilia from CheckMate.

Vincent and Lilia’s second Christmas: arguments and ornaments, with a dash of making up in the end.

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