Dare I?

Dare I?

Cover for Dare IA discussion with her friends leaves Anna convinced of one thing: she has to be the most boring person in Haventown—and that’s not who she wants to be.

Deciding to show everyone, and herself, that she does have an adventurous streak, she goes to the club On The Edge with the firm intention to bring a vampire home before the night is over.

It doesn’t take her long to find a prey. Chase, however, might be much more than what she expected to find.

LENGTH – 8.600 words / 30 PDF pages



RATING – Sweet/Sexy

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Excerpt from Dare I?

Wondering whether she was at the wrong establishment, she walked over to the bar and ordered a cocktail from a man with the most gorgeous smile—the rest of him wasn’t bad either, from what she could see through a partially unbuttoned shirt and very tight jeans. It was while she was waiting for her change that she noticed people coming up and down staircases on the side of the room. Her glass in hand, she went to investigate. She only needed to descend one flight of stairs to see that she was indeed in a dancing club. Through the metal railing of staircases and suspended bridges, she could make out a dancing floor on the lower level, which seemed darker and louder than the bar area. She stepped down one more staircase and stopped on a catwalk to look at the crowd beneath her. The music was fast, faster than she liked it, but she could see the attraction of such a beat in a place like this one. The air thrummed with energy, and it wasn’t all due to the music. There was something about the dancers, a feeling of raw life and sexuality that Anna had never encountered before. (more…)